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Oppo Slide Phone With Triple Foldable Concept


Oppo Slide Phone

Oppo, in partnership with Nendo, introduced the 'Slide Phone' and 'Music Link' concept devices at the fourth China International Industrial Design Expo. The two concept devices, created by the Chinese smartphone maker in collaboration with Japanese design firm Nendo, which focuses on classical design and convenience.

The slide phone has three foldable screens that allow you to use the phone in many ways, as you would like to. The Music Link TWS earphone concept includes a collection of devices such as smartwatches, AI speakers, portable chargers, and wireless chargers.

Oppo shared the development through a press release, and twitter. The slide phone concept is based on a triple hinge foldable screen system.

When it folds completely, it turns into a credit card shape. The first unfolded shows a 40 mm display, which is sufficient to perform simple tasks such as notifications, call history, or music player control.

An 80 mm display appears when unfolded a second time, which can be used to take selfies. The third screen appears on the unfold, which is for gaming, multi-tasking, or video viewing.

Concept device will be equipped with an inbuilt stylus

An inbuilt stylus for writing notes is also shown in the slide phone concept. Physical buttons can be used in many ways, depending on how much you have unfolded it.

The phone has a charging dock and some panels are shown in different colors, indicating that the outer panel can be customized. It certainly looks great, but you have to remember that for now, this is just a concept video.

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