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Google photos Announces Memories Live Wallpaper Feature

  • Google One Plan to be implemented from June 2021
  • Soon all users will get the new version of Google Photos 5.2.2
  • Before applying, you will be able to see how the live wallpaper will look like

Google released a new feature to highlight the memory of users. This feature is named "Memories Live Wallpaper". To use this feature, the Photos app has been updated. Soon all users will get this feature. The new version of Google Photos on Play Store is 5.2.2.

According to a report by XDA Developers, Google is introducing its new live wallpaper feature. This feature will display whole year memory in the form of live wallpaper on the home screen of their smartphones.

Once the user updates Google Photo, then the new Memories Live Wallpaper will start on their phone. When the user selects this option, then they will first see what the live wallpaper feature will look like. 

After this they can apply it. In this feature, users will also be able to select an image for the wallpaper from the album of their photos.

Google will charge from June 2021

From 1 June 2021, Google Photos will not provide free storage for your high quality photos. That is, now users will be given only 15 GB of storage for their photos and videos. For this, users will have to subscribe to Google One Service for more storage.

Over 4 trillion photos storage

In a blog, the President of Google Photos, Shimrit Ben Yair said that, most of you are dependent on Google Photos for storing your memories.

This is not only a great product but also caters to your needs in the long run. More than 4 trillion photos have been stored in Google Photos app. Here 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded every week.

15 GB free space for all work

Right now, users can upload all their photos and videos on Google Photos or take backup. Google's paid scheme will come into effect from 1 June 2021.

However, users who have Google Pixel smartphones will continue to get unlimited space. Currently Google offers 15 GB free storage which is for Gmail Google Drive and Google Photos for everyone.

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