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WhatsApp Rolling Out Shopping Button To Explore Bussiness


WhatApp is one of the most popular social media platform with millions of users. Recently WhatsApp started Payment service in India. And, now WhatsApp rolling out a new shopping button.

The facebook owned company WhatsApp adding the shopping button to help businesses better showcase their products and services to customers through the instant messaging app.

The shopping button gives you access to a business’ catalog directly from your chat screen, making it easy to explore a business’ products and services while using WhatsApp. You can still access the business' catalog from their business profile.

You will find shopping button next to the newly designed call button and replaces the existing voice call button. Users will see the shopping button on the chat screen of businesses that have a catalogue of their offerings. It means you won't be able to see the new button while communicating with your friends or family members on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp claims that more than 175 million people message a WhatsApp Business account every day. Further, the company also confirms that over 40 million people view a business’ catalogue each month. So, when a user hits up a Business account with a question or two, it will be easy for them to also see their catalogue for a complete list of items or services available.

Once the users have updated WhatsApp on their Android or iOS smartphone, they will notice a shopping button next to the business account’s profile. Upon clicking on the button, the user will be able to take a glance at the company’s catalogue of products or services.

This feature is currently only available to businesses that use the WhatsApp Business app. Businesses must have set up a catalog for this button to appear.

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