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Qualcomm To Develop Its Gaming Smartphone With Asus


US based chipmaker Qualcomm will reportedly develop its own gaming smartphone in partnership with Asus. According to DigiTimes, the first smartphone under the partnership could debut by the end of this year. The chipset maker might soon be launching its gaming smartphone based on its much powerful snapdragon 875.

According to a Report, Qualcomm will be implementing the design as well as software optimisations for its upcoming Snapdragon 875 processor on the gaming phone. Right now, it is not clear what the Qualcomm-branded gaming phone would look like. But the report hints Qualcomm-branded phones could be identical Asus’ ROG phones.

It is believed Asus will be tasked with designing and developing the hardware while Qualcomm is said to be responsible for industrial design and software integration. 

Asus is already a known quantity in the Android smartphone market and produces its own line of gaming smartphones like the lightning-fast ROG Phone 3, which is powered by Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 865+ SoC.

Qualcomm and Asus are planning to sell one million phones under the new arrangements. About 500,000 units will be sold with Qualcomm branding, added the report.

Qualcomm is likely to announce this new partnership and gaming smartphone brand at the upcoming Snapdragon Tech Summit, which will be held virtually on December 1. And it is expected to announce the Snapdragon 875 SoC through a virtual event.

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