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Nvidia Announces World's Fastest AI Supercomputer "Leonardo"


Computers have changed the landscape of the modern world, and the next 10 years are supposed to transform our perception of what's possible and what's not. 

Nvidia announced that the Italian inter-university consortium CINECA ,one of the world’s most important supercomputing centers will use the company’s accelerated computing platform to build the world’s fastest AI supercomputer.

The new “Leonardo” system, built with Atos, is expected to deliver 10 exaflops of FP16 AI performance to enable advanced AI and HPC converged application use cases. Featuring nearly 14,000 NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs and NVIDIA Mellanox HDR 200Gb/s InfiniBand networking.

Leonardo will be one of four new supercomputers supported by a cross-European effort to advance high-performance computing capabilities in the region, which will eventually offer advanced AI capabilities for processing applications across both science and industry.

Leonardo is procured by EuroHPC, a collaboration between national governments and the European Union to develop a world-class supercomputing ecosystem and exascale supercomputing in Europe, and funded by the European Commission through the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

“The EuroHPC technology roadmap for exascale in Europe is opening doors for rapid growth and innovation in HPC and AI,” said Marc Hamilton, vice president of solutions architecture and engineering at NVIDIA. “We’re working with CINECA and Atos to accelerate scientific discovery across a broad range of application domains, providing a platform to usher in the era of exascale computing.”
 The Leonardo supercomputer will help solve scientific challenges across many disciplines, from material sciences to high-energy physics to climate change. 

Scientists and researchers will be immediately productive on the new system as it will run all the same CUDA software as CINECA’s existing NVIDIA-powered system, currently the fastest higher education research supercomputer in Europe.

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