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How to Change Your GPS Location in Pokemon Go?

How to Change Your GPS Location in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a very famous AR game that Niantic developed in July 2016. Since then, it has more than five million users and players. The game is all about catching Pokémon and hatching eggs near your location.  

To catch the Pokémon, the player has to go out of his or her room as the battle field sets in open space. You may need to walk through the streets or market to catch the Pokémon. For some people, it is interesting, but for some, it is a big drawback of the game. 

It is possible that due to bad weather or any other situation, you are not able to move out of your room to catch the characters. This is where the fake GPS location in Pokémon comes handy. 

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to faking location on iPhone and Android devices to catch more Pokémon. But, before starting with fake GPS ways, we will discuss the potential reasons to use fake locations in Pokémon Go. 

Take a look!

Part 1: Why people want to spoof GPS in Pokémon Go

1.1 In some countries, Pokémon Go is banned


There are few countries like Iran that have put a ban on Pokémon Go due to its gameplay. But, if you want to play Pokémon Go and live in a country where it is banned, you can use a fake location trick. This allows you to spoof your location in Pokémon Go, and thus, you can virtually move to any country where the game is not banned.

1.2 Live in rural areas


In rural areas, the characters are limited, if a player needs to catch powerful Pokémon, he or she needs to travel to cities. This is a big disadvantage for people living in rural areas as compared to people in cities. Further, in rural areas, you will have limited gyms, eggs, and Pokestops. But, by spoofing location on iOS and Android, you can catch Pokémon present in cities while sitting at your home in rural areas. 

1.3 Special Pokémon visible during special events in countries

On special occasions in the country, there is a chance to catch special Pokémon, which are also known as rare Pokémon. If you live in another country but want to catch the rare Pokémon, which more powerful, you will need to spoof Pokémon Go on your device. 


In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there are many more reasons to spoof Pokémon Go. But you will need to be smart while spoofing location so that you will not get banned by the Niantic. 

Let’s take a look at the best ways to change the GPS location in Pokémon Go!

Part 2: Change Location In Pokémon Go On Android Devices

To change GPS on Android, you will need location changer apps. There are many location spoofing apps available on Google Play Store that you can install on your Android phone. Let say you can install fake GPS Go on Android. Here are the steps to use the fake GPS Go app. 

Step 1: First of all, you’ll need to install a fake GPS Go, which is a free app on your Android from the Google Play Store.


Step 2: After this, make sure that the developer option is enabled on your android device. If it is not, then first, enable it.

Step 3: For the developer option, go to settings, then about the phone, and look for the build number.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Build Number’ seven times to enable the Developer option.


Step 5: Again, go back to Settings, and click on the Developer Options.

Step 6: Under the developer option, turn on the allow mock location, and under it, click on the fake GPS Go app that you have recently installed.


Step 7: Now, all you need to do is open Fake GPS Go and select a location of your choice in it. This will spoof Pokémon Go according to your set location. 

Part 2: Spoof Pokémon Go on iOS

To change the location in Pokémon, go on the iPhone is a little tricky as compared to Android. To fake GPS iOS, you will need a safe and reliable tool like Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). This tool is safe to use as it won’t allow Niantic to find you and save you from ban while spoofing Pokémon Go. 


Dr. Fone virtual location is an excellent simulator that allows you to move from one location to another with a single click. You can simulate different locations with customizing speed options. 

Plus, you can also create your route to reach the destination. By using this, you can easily catch Pokémon from different cities and countries without getting a ban. Here are the steps that you will need to follow to spoof GPS on iOS. Take a look!

Step 1: Download the app on the system


The first step is to download the Dr.Fone from the official site on your system. After this, install it and launch it. 


Now, connect your device to your system with the USB cable. You will see a screen where you will need to click on the “get started” icon to launch the home screen.

Step 2: Select the route for simulation


From the top right corner, choose teleport mode, one-stop mode, or multi-stop mode according to your desire. 

Step 3: Set the fake destination

On the search bar, search for the desired location that you want fake in Pokémon Go.  Now, click on “Go” to reach your destination, you can also check the destination distance and time to travel. 


Finally, you are ready to spoof or fake GPS iOS in Pokémon Go. 


We hope that the above guide will help you to spoof GPS on iOS and android. You can fake Pokémon Go and can catch more Pokémon in less time with the help of above tricks.  If you own iPhone and want to spoof Pokémon Go, then nothing is better than Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. Try it now!

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