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White-hat eCommerce Link Building Every Startup And Local Business Should Know

White-hat eCommerce

It is a critical fact that businesses these days do not dwell on land, but more on the online world. And people cannot blame technology, considering that it is the need right now. Business owners also find a lot of convenience from managing an online business than a brick and mortar one.

eCommerce eliminates some of the arduous complexities of a traditional setup, putting brands into the faces of a wider audience. Online businesses also experience low overheads and higher markets because of low upfront costs. It includes pricey office rentals and retail spaces, long-term lease commitments, and the additional need to stock up on your inventory. 

Because the online world has grown tremendously, having the right tools and technical know-how like eCommerce link building  increases your chances of staying ahead of the game. It is a critical need to have a strong SEO foundation for your business because it drives performance and the longevity of your endeavours.  

Understanding the Intrinsic Nature of Link Building

When the internet was conceived, and websites started to appear, link building was conceptualized to quantify a website's reputation. Over the decade, it has emerged as one of the best and most striking ways of keeping your website afloat.

Link building has become one of Google’s adept metrics, allowing business owners to tap into its unquantifiable power. But in a deeper sense, the SEO metric does more than what you can expect from the surface level. 

This SEO strategy has a positive way of impacting your business credibility because it directly involves associating your business with reputable and top-ranking sites. As such, using eCommerce link building propels your business and takes it a notch higher in the SERP. 

But to have quantifiable results, you need to understand the relevancy of your chosen link because Google has a powerful way of determining its bearing to your business niche. The implementation of link building speaks volumes at how well your website performs because it drives click-through rates and increases organic website traffic. 

What is the White-hat Link Building Strategy? 

White hat link building is technically defined as a traffic-driving approach to your business' website. It involves the rigorous strategy of using Search Engine Optimization, including relevant linking.

Using these related and stand-out content and linking them to your website helps the search engine recognize the quality resource, which is citation worthy. This is the primary reason why websites that use several quality backlinks tend to rank higher.

Additionally, it increases your websites’ organic traffic because it enhances your user’s experience. Using this eCommerce link building strategy allows you to hit two birds with one stone – quality backlinks and the UX algorithms.  

White-Hat Link Building Strategies Every Local Business Should Know

Owning a small local business involves a lot of challenges nowadays. Gone are the days when you had to save up on your capital, look for a nice spot, and load your inventory. These days, the battle lays on the internet world. 

To make your local business stand out, you have to create a website which customers can reach. Additionally, you also have to find an affordable solution to promote your brand and help you with your marketing needs. 

The so-called, white-hat optimization technique counters the black-hat strategy of SEO. These were the techniques employed during the early days of the internet to augment a website's SERP. The Black-hat technique commonly used paid links, spam comments, creating duplicate content, article spinning, and cloaking.

Google's rigid algorithm evolved over the last couple of years, flagging websites that try to employ the Black-hat SEO strategy. White-hat SEO, on the other hand, is the cleaner and more agile tactic of getting your website in the SERP. It is a strategic process of tweaking your website without breaking search engine rules and algorithm conditions.

White-Hat Link Building Strategies You Can Use in Your eCommerce Business

There are several White-hat link building strategies you can use to increase your website’s organic traffic. Such strategies include carving your local niche with the help of a legitimate and reliable SEO company who can deliver the right results. 

  • Make your business visible in the local scene by joining directories, including the Chamber of Commerce, online directories, and local organizations.
  • Promote marketing content geared towards local interests that is both relevant to your business and the local community. 
  • Focus on round-up pages where your business category can fall into. 
  • Find a relevant website offering a broken link building SEO technique. 
  • Connect with bloggers in your community who can provide relevant content based on what’s relevant to community residents. 
  • Look for an SEO service provider that can oversee your website’s SERP performance. 

Getting the right help to implement a White-hat SEO campaign is often needed when you do not have the right skills to perform such a task. But when looking for one, it all boils down to efficiency and how you can move an audience to your website.

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