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Telegram Updates Feature To Send Files Up To 2GB

Telegram 2GB

Telegram Adds New Features: Profile Video, Group Stats, Multipe Desktop Accounts, Mini-Thumbnails And Many More

Cloud based instant messaging app 'Telegram' brings new update for its users. The new update includes profile videos, improved people Nearby, mini-thumbnail for chats, group stats, multiple accounts Telegram Desktop, more animated emojis, and ability to send up to 2GB of files and many more on the platform. 

Let's take a look to each updates in detail.

Profile videos

You can now uploads a video to your profile and choose any frame you like for your static profile picture in chats. Media editor will help you to enhance quality or decorate yourself with animated stickers for any video you upload. You can easily switch back to a previous profile photo or video by tapping 'set as Main' whenever you want.

Sending 2GB files

Earlier, Telegram allowed users to send up to 1.5 GB of files on the platform. But now in the latest update it increased the limit to 2GB. Users can now send media and files of any kind up to 2GB each.

Improved People Nearby

With this feature when people contact you via the People Nearby section, you will see how far away they are. And when you start a chat with someone nearby, Telegram will suggest a greeting sticker. To use this feature, Go to Contacts> Find People Nearby and tap on 'Make myself visible'.


Telegram also added a thumbnail image for incoming images. This feature will help you to differentiate between real photos, memes and other photos. The new thumbnails also appear in notifications and message search results.

Soften Skin

You can edit your photos and videos with soften skin options. Any photo or video you take with the front facing camera now has a soften skin option in the media editor. With this option you can make your photos more attractive.

Group Stats

With Group stats option, owners of large groups with over 500 members can now view beautiful, detailed graphs about their activity and growth. Group stats also show a list of top members by number of messages and average message length.

Now, the minimum number of subscribers to get Channel Stats has been reduced to 500 as well. Telegram also planning to roll our access to group stats for admins of all groups with 100 members or more in future.

Multiple Accounts on Telegram Desktop

Telegram lets you stay signed in on 3 accounts from different phone numbers without logging out. This feature is already used by mobile users since 2017 but now in new update, this feature is coming for desktop users.

Filter new chats from Non contacts

If you are getting too many messages from non contacts, then try the new feature in privacy & security settings to automatically archive and mute new chats from people not in your contacts. You can also access these chats anytime from the Archive folder and bring them back to the main chat list.

Android Extras

For Android users, the music player has been redesigned with sleek new icons and an expandable track list. Tap the button on the left to control looping, shuffling and to reverse the track order so your playlist can moonwalk with you.

The message input bar will grow smoothly as you type. The video editor now allows cropping and rotating videos to help you hide anything you were filming vertically.

More Animated Emojis

And the last update come with new animated emojis. Simply send a message with a single emoji and watch it jump to life.

Source: Telegram

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