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Reliance Jio Introduce Free Video Conferencing Platform "JioMeet"


Reliance Jio Introduce Free Video Conferencing Platform "JioMeet"

  • JioMeet can support up to 100 participants
  • Have Screen share and safe driving mode
  • All its meetings are password protected
  • Multi device login support

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown across the world have led to an increase use of video conferencing apps. There were many video conferencing apps available.

But now, Indian telecom company Reliance Jio has launched its free video conferencing platform "JioMeet" which will take on existing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Team.

The JioMeet app is available on Google Play Store and App Store for download. Although there are enough video conferencing tools in the market already, Jio will be the first choice for Indians.

The JioMeet video conferencing app can support up to 100 participants in a single call and it is absolutely free of cost. You can sign up using your mobile number or email ID and start a call. With JioMeet, you can host unlimited meetings in a day, each meeting can go uninterrupted up to 24hrs.

For security and privacy reasons, all its meetings are password protected. The host has the control to send the uninvited guests to the “Waiting Room” to ensure that nobody interrupt the meeting.

Apart from this, there are some Zoom like features in JioMeet including share screen features. There is also a mode called “Safe Driving Mode”, means that you will not get disturbed by the app if you switch on this feature.

Another feature that could make JioMeet, the most preferred video conferencing app is the multi device login support which allows users to log in to 5 devices and you can switch between devices while on a call.

JioMeet can be accessible both from the web and the mobile as well. While the app is available in the Play Store and App Store, the web version might take a while to function.

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