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How Does Fleet Truck GPS Tracking Work?

Fleet Truck GPS

How Does Fleet Truck GPS Tracking Work?

GPS tracking or vehicle tracking technology has been in use for several decades now. It is used by fleet operators and managements to monitor their vehicles to ensure efficiency and reduce expenses like fuel costs and others. 

They are also used on any other automobiles to know their whereabouts, speed, driver's behavior, and other details to streamline the business operations or for safety.

GPS tracking explained

This technology brings together the monitoring of the location of a vehicle with a software display unit that portrays the vehicle's data. The vehicle owners or management can then use the provided data to make informed decisions.

The working of the vehicle tracking technology

GPS vehicle tracking technology typically involves both hardware and software components. To collect the needed data, a tracking device is installed on the vehicle that needs to be monitored. This gadget captures a myriad of data such as turning on and off of the engine, fuel consumption, functionality of vehicle-connected devices, speed, and many others.

The vehicle's location data is provided mostly by the global positioning system (GPS) radio navigation system, and this explains the name GPS tracking. However, in some instances, other different location technologies may be utilized, such as GLONASS, a Russian satellite navigation system.

Once the data is collected, it is transmitted to a software user interface that can be in the form of an installed computer program, or even a cloud computing system, as has been the case in recent times. The vehicle data collected may be accessed from a smartphone app or be obtained in a downloadable format such as PDF or Excel documents.

The tracking system may also be set to create alerts based on specific vehicle positions or activities. For example, the tracking system may send alerts when the vehicle leaves a particular defined geographical area or exceeds a specified speed.

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The Benefits of GPS tracking systems

The tracking system can help to solve numerous problems successfully or offer some benefits when coupled with intelligent management. Some of the most obvious ones include:

  • Reduce costs
The most significant advantage provided by the GPS tracking system is saving costs, and this can be in various ways. The innovation cuts fuel costs dramatically since there is no unauthorized use of vehicles or irresponsible driving. Having GPS tracker also reduce insurance premiums since some providers insist on them or offer better deals for cars with tracking systems. 

Moreover, vehicle tracking reduces administration costs, such as for checking the vehicles and drivers whereabouts. The systems also eliminate drivers' idle time due to proper planning.

  • Enhance compliance
Some of the tracking software enables the capturing of data required for compliance purposes. The automation of data gathering enhances compliance.

  • Proper work organization
GPS trackers make work organization easier since it makes route planning a walk in the park. The managers can pick the best roads without traffic and even monitor working hours and other details.

  • Avail genuine vehicle information
Management can tell with certainty about the vehicle location and the drivers' behavior at any given moment and in real-time.


The GPS tracking system comprises devices installed on vehicles to collect data, and software to transfer and avail the data. They use location technologies to capture location details. Fleet managers can enjoy many benefits from having tracking systems including saving costs, enhancing compliance, and smoothening operations.

Image Source: Pixabay

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