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How To Get More Followers And Likes For Instagram in 2020?

How to get more followers and likes for Instagram in 2020?

  • Are you looking for realistic ways to get more followers and likes on Instagram? 
  • If you are, then how should you do it without spending your hard-earned money or using suspicious means like bots etc? 
  • How to get free Instagram followers and likes instantly? 

You will get the answers to these important queries in by following our guide and tips below.

Always respond to every comment and direct message

Engaging with the followers you already have is a great way to increase traffic and promote interaction. Reply to every comment individually. This kind of activity tells the Instagram algorithms that your account is interesting and therefore increases the chances of your posts to be featured on the Explore page. Getting featured on Explore means you get free Instagram followers and likes.

Comment on at least 3 posts everyday

Take the upper hand, make the first move and comment on at least 3 of your friend’s or follower’s posts. You can either pick the posts randomly or choose them yourself but keep one thing in mind, always keep it generic, original and interactive like a question etc. This will prompt them to check your profile out and you can get virtually free Instagram likes on your posts just by commenting.
Schedule posts and keep it consistent.

Use apps or online services to schedule your posts. Building out content in advance gives you more efficiency and help you maintain a constant flow of content at the same time.

Get bigger accounts to repost your content

Find accounts within your niche or interests that have better engagement and collaborate with them to get your content reposted on their account. You have to keep the quality of your content very high for them to consider working with you without charging money. Once you have a formidable following, repost content from your follower’s too. This will further enhance your engagement and solidify your presence in your interest group.

Use more than 10 hashtags on your posts and alternate them

Hashtags can’t be neglected for many reasons. The biggest reason is that they allow Insta’s algorithms to help you gather followers from your own interest groups. This goes a great way to get followers that interact with your content. Do a little hashtag research and save the hashtags to use for posts. Remember to keep changing them for every post.

Follow three or more accounts everyday

If you’re not using an Instagram followers app, pick three new accounts yourself from within your interest group every day and follow them. It will bring more exposure, traffic and keep you on the radar. Even if one of the three follows you back, it can potentially boost your following.

Bio and profile

Along with high-quality content, make sure your page has a catchy bio. A lot of people that visit your profile for the first time will probably turn back if they find something off about your username, name or bio. In other words, the bio section of your profile is a gateway to what your page is going to offer a visitor.

How to get free Instagram followers and Likes instantly?

I would recommend you a great Instagram followers app GetInsta. It has a huge volume of Instagram customers that can follower and like each other. If you become one of them, you can get free and real Instagram followers and likes. It is very to use. Just 3 steps you can get Instagram followers and likes free of charge

Step 1: Sign up an account for GetInsta.

Step 2: Add your Instagram account

Step 3: Publish tasks to get followers and likes

Here below are the main features of GetInsta app

  • - 100% safe and clean, no virus
  • - Fully compatible with Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP
  • - Totally and unlimited free
  • - No password, no survey, no risk
  • - 100% real and active users, high-quality free followers and likes
  • - Instant and reasonable delivery, changes will be seen in 24 hours
  • - Support 16 multi-languages

Have a try and get free Instagram followers instantly with GetInsta. It may help a lot for your Instagram account. 

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