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10 Top Work From Home Apps

Work From Home

Top 10 Apps For Work From Home

Due to the Covid-19 and lock down, many people suddenly had to start working from home. Many companies lacked infrastructure for this. Still everyone is trying to adopt it. 

Services like Google’s Hangout, Google Drive and Microsoft’s Skype and Drop Box have been around for a long time, which have been helping in work from home.

WhatsApp, Telegram etc. are also being used to stay connected with colleagues. Due to the increasing trend of work from home, many new tools and apps have also come.

The aim of all is the same, to make working from home much easier. Here are some such top rated apps.


With Google Meet you can securely connect and collaborate from anywhere. Everyone can safely create and join high quality video meetings up to 250 people. Easily share your screen to present documents and slides.

Downloads: About 50 million

Where to Find: Free on Android and iOS


It features video chat, document sharing and chatting with colleagues. Also, using Microsoft Office 365, you can create documents, presentations and sheets etc.

Downloads: More than 10 million

Where to get: Free on Android, iOS and Windows


With the help of this tool, desktop can be shared. That means by sitting at home you can work on any other desktop that has a team viewer. You can also use for online meeting, web conference, and file transfer.

Downloads: More than 50 million

Where to find: Free and paid version on Android, iOS and Windows


It has facilities like message board, chat room and file organizer. The free version with limited facilities is good for managing small projects. Projects with large teams can also get a paid version of $ 99.

Downloads: More than 5 Lakhs

Where to get: Free paid version on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac


It is one of the most popular apps being used by many organizations. It is made by Microsoft.

It provides the facility of messaging for sending files and editing documents. However, on it’s free version the number of messages are limited.

Downloads: More than 10 crore

Where to get: Free and paid version on Android, iOS and Windows


With the help of this tool, you can keep an account of the work of your team members.

Can also create to-do lists for team members, where everyone can see what work is done, what is left. Comments and links can also be shared on it.

Downloads: More than 10 million

Where to get: free on Android, iOS and Windows


Facebook, co-founder Dustin Moskowitz’s S app can add up to 15 people working on a project and share a task list with them.

The paid version also has features such as timeline, schedule and advanced reporting.

Downloads: More than 10 million

Where to find: Free and paid version on Android and iOS


From this app, you can easily manage expenses. Through this, you can keep an account of expenses by taking a photo of the invoice (bill). You can also monitor the amount of time a colleague takes to complete a project or work.

Downloads: Trusted by 50,000+ businesses

Where to find : Free and Pro version available


It can create calendars, spreadsheets, word documents and share them with colleagues. The updates and editing history of documents can be viewed live. Also comments can be added.

Downloads: more than 5 Lakh

Where to Find: Free on Android and iOS

10) BOX

These file-keeping tools are an alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox, in which files can be preserved. Office 365, Google Apps and Slack can also be added to this app to save files.

Downloads: More than 10 million

Where to Find: Free on Android and iOS

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