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Facebook Launches Collab: A New Mix And Match Music App

Facebook's experimental app division launched a new app "Collab" which brings a new approach to collaborate music making.

This app is inspired by the popular short video app TikTok. By this app you can mix and match original videos and music.

The Collab app can be accessed by invite only and it is limited to iOS users in the US and Canada.

Currently beta version of this app is released that allows users to split three separate short form videos and perform a single song by playing three different instruments like drums or guitar or singing vocals.

Facebook says " User don't need any experience in music to add their own recordings." 
“With the app, you can create your own arrangement by adding in your own recording or by swiping and discovering an arrangement to complete your composition,” explained NPE’s announcement.

You can also publish your creation for others to watch and mix and match it further, once you have created a collab. Collab is more about music rather than making a video.

Facebook said that " Users can also share their content to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Stories, and others with just a few steps. But first user have to upload it on the app."

It's Features:

Multi-Angle : You can record from different angles.

Multi-Scenes : Mix and mash multiple videos together for a seamlessly synchronized music video

Multi-Frames: Display multiple scenes at once using custom framing options.

Extensive Song Library :  Select and synchronize a song from thousands of titles from various genres.

Video Filters: Choose from many colorful filters to enhance your music video.

Transitions: Select from several animated transitions to insert between video clips.

Animated Intros: Apply animated introductions to your projects.

Share with Friends: Share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or save to your Camera Roll.

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