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Alpha Ergo Modern Keyboard Concept That Can ERGONOMICALLY Adjust

Alpha Ergo Modern Keyboard Concept

The Alpha Ergo is a simple, modern Keyboard that you can ERGONOMICALLY adjust.

While we have Taika Waititi slamming Apple’s keyboards just moments after winning his Oscar award, here’s a simple wireless concept that does something none of Apple’s products do. It adjusts to your needs.

This Keyboard concept is Design by Ryan Smalley.

Meet the Alpha Ergo, a wireless keyboard with a unique design that allows it to alternate between regular and split-keyboard layouts. This unique swiveling action allows you to adjust your keyboard’s design for more ergonomic typing, but that isn’t all.

The Alpha Ergo’s seemingly large hinge element also serves as an interface with a touchscreen and dial giving you wide variety of extra functions. You can use the dial and screen to change in-program settings, toggle through options, switch between active apps, or assign pretty much any action to the controls based on which program in.

The dial could work as a scope-zoom in a game, or as a volume knob in Spotify, or even a brightness/contrast control in Photoshop. Plus, the hinge’s form does the keyboard a service by propping it up at a slight angle, giving you a better keyboard that’s comfortable, adjustable, and is fitted with everything a power-user is looking for. The only caveat is a missing number pad.

Source: Yanko

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