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Panasonic Stylish VR Glasses Support HDR

Panasonic Stylish HDR VR Glasses Concept

Pansonic unveiled fitted Virtual Reality (VR) glasses with a micro-OLED panel

Panasonic developed its audio technology in the headset, with Technics drivers in the earbuds to provide crystal clear audio.

Panasonic said, these VR glasses connecting with USB-C type port to a phone.

With an undeniably better form factor, and better image quality too, Panasonic’s VR glasses are classier and well, ‘glassier’ (as opposed to the massive ski-goggles that most VR headsets look like). It fitted with micro-OLED panels on the inside, and the VR glasses can afford to be made smaller and have much better clarity too.

Panasonic also claims that they’re the first-ever VR glasses to support HDR, or a high dynamic range, allowing colors, saturation, brightness, and contrast.

Currently, the Panasonic doesn’t plan on selling these to consumers. They’re hoping that these glasses will see mostly commercial applications like VR sports and travel, still only once 5G networks are rolled out to be able to support high data-transfer speeds, especially given how high-resolution the video on these glasses are.

Source: Panasonic, YankoDesign

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