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WhatsApp Adds "WhatsApp From Facebook" Tag

WhatsApp Adds "WhatsApp From Facebook" Tag 

Earlier this month Facebook is adding its name to Instagram and WhatsApp and will call them  "Instagram from Facebook" and "WhatsApp from Facebook". According to a report by MS Poweruser, the WhatsApp starts to get new ' WhatsApp from Facebook' tag in the latest beta update.

This tag is visible under settings and is a clear indication of Facebook marking its territory. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014 and is now used by more than 1 billion people.

A week ago, Facebook started adding its name to some screens on Instagram, one of the first links it has given users to its ownership of the popular platform.

Instagram has become especially important in adding to Facebook's revenue as the app largely stayed out of its parent's privacy scandals, and it pulls in younger consumers at a much faster rate, attracting more advertisers.

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