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Google Assistant Started A New Feature To Read Messages

Google Assistant Started A New Feature To Read Messages

  • Assistant will only read out text messages
  • It will not play audio messages or videos
  • You can even reply to those messages if you want

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Previously, Google Assistant would allow to read and reply to SMS messages via the Hangouts app.

But now Google started a new and useful feature to its trusted Assistant. Now with the help of Google assistant you are able to read and reply to messages from apps such as WhatsApp, slack,Telegram, and others.

The facility to read SMS messages has always been there but now Google Assistant will read the messages loud and then you can reply to the message via voice. If the message contains any attachment such as images, audio file, video or any file then the Assistant will inform that the message only contains a file and will not open the image, video or audio file. Simply say "read my message" in order to make the assistant read a WhatsApp or Slak message.

The Assistant will read the latest messages first and then will read the remaining messages. It will ask you to read and reply to messages if you have not enabled the reply feature. This feature is more helpful when you are driving or can't touch the phone. This feature works with a few languages.

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