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You May Use WhatsApp Web Soon Without Phone

You May Use WhatsApp Web Soon Without Phone 

In 2015, WhatsApp Messenger was way ahead of its game when it launched the web version that mirrored the conversation from the mobile app. The only caveat of this feature to date is that one needs to have a phone connected to the internet, for as long as they use the web version. But, according to recent reports, WhatsApp is resolving this problem with its next update.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new multi-platform system called Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This upcoming platform would essentially allow users to continue using the messaging app without their phone being connected to the internet.

The multi-platform system would also work on the lines of WhatsApp UWP and offer the standard chat interface on different devices with the same account. The update will be available for Android, iOS as well as Windows phones.

Along with WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp is also introducing a number of other handy and interesting features in the past recent months.

The PiP 2.0 mode which allows users to switch between chats while playing a YouTube or Facebook video in the background is supposed to go live soon. Some other features which will add to the utility of the messaging app shortly include dark mode, QR code and voice message preview.

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