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How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen?

How to replace a broken laptop screen?

A broken laptop screen can make your laptop non usable most of the times. 

However, it should not necessarily mean your laptop has gone useless in its entirety. You should be able to fix it on your own. So, if you are someone who is fond of DIY tactics, these tips on screen repair options should prove to be helpful for you.

Make sure the screen actually needs a replacement

A broken screen may not necessarily mean a non working screen. Check if your laptop really needs a screen replacement. In case, the graphics card is the culprit; it may be a better idea to check it first. Connect a VGA secondary monitor or a TV to your laptop. If the display is good enough on the external monitor, you can conclude that that screen needs replacement. Please note that getting the display on the external monitor will need you to press a few key combinations.

If you don't get the video even with these changes, your graphics card or the motherboard may have got damaged and may need replacement. In such cases, checking these options before replacing the screen may be a better idea.

Move on to replace the Screen 

Follow these tips carefully enough. If you think at any stage that you are unable to perform the repair tasks, promptly call the professional service or source your information from Google if you are still confident.

  • Ensure that you have the right kind of tools ready. You will need a small working table, a Philips screwdriver, pin or needle, putty knife or similar tool to pry open the joined parts without damaging it and a small bowl like container. 
  • You should find the stickers that hide the screws connected to the screen bezel. They should ideally be found near the hinge and should be available one on each side 
  • Remove cover stickers with a pin or needle and then unscrew the screws with your Philips screwdriver. 
  • Pry open the screen from rest of the part on the back. You can either use your fingernails if they are long enough or use a non-sharp prying object.
  • Please note that the screen may still be attached to the body, especially at the hinges. Pry it off quite carefully enough. 

Now you should find the LCD connected to the metal trim frame on both the left and right sides. Remove the screws attaching it to the metal frame, and you should be able to lift the LCD screen with the metal frame attached to it.

Remove the screws on the metal trim frames that help it attach it to the LCD screen. In some cases, the screen may be fixed just with the help of an adhesive tape. This is more so in the case of budget laptops or even smaller sized laptops.

In the next step, disconnect the video cable connected to your damaged LCD screen. Locate the positioning of the video cable on your device. While most of them have it at the centre, there may be cases, where they may also be any other position.

Replace the screen

We assume you have already sourced the new LCD screen based on your laptop model. Replacing it now should not be a concern now, as you would just need to reverse whatever you did so far in removing the old screen.

Attach the trim frames either through the means of tapes or screws as the case may be. Attach the video cable back in place. Reconnect bezels and other elements of the screen back in place and configure it completely.

If you have done everything right, you should now have a shiny laptop with the newly replaced screen. Check if all the features of the screen and laptop are working properly.

Parting Thoughts 

Replacing a damaged laptop screen should not be a huge issue in any way. If you know the trick properly or have been into working with the right kind of tools, it should be quite simple easy. However, in an unlikely circumstance where you would find the task can be an issue, get the professional help for the screen repair options right away.

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