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Samsung Launched The Sero - A Vertical TV

Samsung Launched The Sero - A Vertical TV

Smartphones are designed to be used in portrait mode, while most TV shows, movies, and home videos have historically been shot in landscape/widescreen.

There are still plenty of purists who complain whenever they see vertical videos on YouTube or elsewhere, it’s also not exactly surprising that Instagram, Snapchat, and other phone-first platforms have largely embraced vertical video — you can shoot videos without rotating your phone, and people who watch will do so the same way.

But with a growing amount of vertical content being shot on phones, it leads to the question.. is it just for phones? So the answer is "No".

Samsung Electronics analyzed the characteristics of the Millennial generation, which is familiar with mobile content, and presented a new concept TV 'The Vertical', which is based on the vertical screen, unlike the conventional TV," Samsung explained.

Recently Samsung has launched 43 inch TV designed for vertical video. The Sero can also be used as a standard TV can be rotated horizontally to provide a viewing experience similar to that of a conventional TV. It bears QLED resolution and thin borders. The unit also has a built-in 6W 4.1 channel speaker, Samsung’s AI Bixby assistant, and screen mirroring based on NFC Games, videos, and so on.

Samsung Electronics has been continuously introducing innovative products that define TV as an industry leader for years," said Han Jong-hee, president of Samsung's video display business. "From now on, I will open the era. 

Samsung The Sero will launch in South Korea in May. A 43-inch model will cost around $1600 dollars.

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