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India Removes Ban For TikTok Video App - Condition Apply

India Removes Ban For TikTok Video App

TikTok has been downloaded 300 million active users in INDIA. Now they weren't affected by the ban. And around 1 billion downloads worldwide.

Madras High court removed the Ban from TikTok and order only keep new customers from downloading the App from Google and Apple store.

The application allows users to create short music videos of 3–15 seconds and short looping videos of 3–60 seconds. It is a leading short video platform in Asia, United States, and other parts of the world.

TikTok said, that the app will be shut down automatically if the user uploads any unintentional videos. TikTok created a three-layer system including AI-based one.

TikTok has confirmed to the court that nearly six million controversial videos had been deleted.

India’s ban on popular Chinese video app TikTok is resulting in “financial losses” of up to $500,000 a day for its developer, Beijing Bytedance Technology Co, and has put more than 250 jobs at risk, the company said in a court filing seen by Reuters reported.

Previously court said,

“Inappropriate” content was TikTok’s “dangerous aspect”, adding that “there is a possibility of the children contacting strangers directly”, during ordered Ban.

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