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Best Radiology Apps for 2019

Best Radiology Apps for 2019

Best Radiology Apps for 2019

Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA), has almost 15000 registered radiologists. Radiology is a medical specialty for diagnosis and treatment with aid of medical imaging and radiation therapy.

The imaging techniques as X-ray, MRI, CT scan, and Ultrasound are well-known but the term radiology is not popular in general use by layman. Interventional radiology used in minimal invasive medical procedures that benefit the patients in recovery as the operations include minimum incision.

With use of Smartphones by Radiology Students, Patients, as well as Medical Professionals including experienced Radiologists ultimately everyone will benefit. The apps that are available make use of this latest technology for learning- teaching, diagnose- treat and data- research activities.

Best Radiology Apps in 2018 -19

  1. Contrast Media: This Android and iPhone app assists the nephrologists, medical students, radiology technicians, and radiologists. It helps you select the safest contrast agents in treating patients with renal damage. The feature of three eGFR calculators decreases the risk of renal patient. Helps to assess the risks versus benefits of choosing the safest contrast agent.
  2. CTisus Critical Diagnostic Measurements in CT: This app has graphics and various inbuilt search tools to find the details of CT like the normal or reduced measurements. 
  3. Doximity: Many radiologists and medical professionals use this app, to communicate with other medical professionals, share medical images, and request opinion in complex cases.
  4. MR Safety: This app, Dr. Emanuel Kanal’s MR Safety Implant Risk Assessment, designed for those scanning patients with implants or devices. It is reliable and has step by step guide providing a checklist approach, which makes it easy to use even by a fresher in radiology.
  5. My MRI at King’s App: This app by the Kings College Hospital in London to give clear idea and view of the MRI and remove the fear from the minds of children and parents.
  6. K-space Odyssey: This app helps users to understand the concepts and variations in MRI. The graphics, interactive sliders, filters etc. ease the study of captured and imported images. This app being designed to teach radiology, and serves its purpose of imparting education and is easy to use. It is one of the best apps for radiology for the students, educators, and technologists.
  7. RADiDOC: This free app allows patients to get information about radiation, radiology images, its techniques, and tracing the radiation and impact of the dose on patient.
  8. RadsBest:  This app is freely accessible to iPhone users. Radiologists save time on report writing with use of this app. It enables to take faster decisions with the evidence-based quality report formation. The app consists of calculations, decision support management, and staging. 
  9. Rad App: The Rad App provides simple access to protocols, schedules in EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School), and contact information for residents. 
  10. RadAssistant2: It has inbuilt search for medical publications indexed with photo clips for easy reference of radiologists and technologists.
  11. UBC: The UBC radiology app teaches in depth empowering the students to decide on the appropriate treatment with selection from CT, MRI, radiography, or ultrasound and it also suggests if no imaging is required. In short, it covers the concept, approach, pre-clinical guidance, and various imaging examples are available for detail study.

Artificial Intelligence and advancements of Radiology is automating the visual interpretations of the medical images. Virtual Reality based apps allow a technologist or radiologist to get a realistic and 360° view. Google Translate helps the clinicians overcome the communication barriers by assisting in over 32 different languages.

The technology has leading role in changing the way medical professionals use it to maximize the treating expertise and share knowledge or remain updated.

About the Author:
Payal is a Content Consultant at Enuke Software, a pioneering Blockchain, and healthcare App Development Company in the USA. Payal is passionate about the start-up ecosystem, Crypto world, entrepreneurship, latest tech innovations, and all that makes this digital world.   

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