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Apple Launches Apple TV+, News+, Games And Credit Card

Apple Launches Apple TV Plus, News Plus, Gaming Streaming Service and Own Credit Card

Today, at a special event, Apple announced their various product services including in Entertainment and Privacy.

Apple TV+

Introducing Apple TV+, a new streaming service where the most creative minds in TV and film tell the kinds of stories only they can. Featuring original shows and movies across every genre, exclusively on the Apple TV app.

  • Apple TV is Ad Free subscription service
  • Exclusive Apple Originals
  • Available in 100 countries
  • Coming this fall.

Apple News+

  • Expanded coverage. 
  • From cover to cover to cover.

Dive into your own personal newsstand, with full access to hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers. Flip through current and past issues as covers and layouts come alive in beautiful new way.

You can download a magazine or save a recommended article to read on the go. And continue to enjoy all the amazing features of Apple News all for one great price.

  • Read magazines like never before.
  • Swipe from animated covers to richly redesigned articles.
  • Hundreds of magazines, but its not Free. 
  • You can start your free 1-month trial.

Apple Arcade Games

  • All you can play. One subscription.
  • No ads. No in‑app purchases.
  • Jump from iPhone to iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
  • Play offline. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Access for up to six family members.
  • Committed to your privacy.

Where storytelling and design are pushed further than ever before. All in a gaming service unlike any other. Apple Arcade hits the App Store this fall.

Apple Card

A new kind of credit card. Created by Apple, not a bank. Apple Card completely rethinks everything about the credit card. It represents all the things Apple stands for. Like simplicity, transparency, and privacy.

A titanium, laser‑etched, Apple‑designed credit card. And Mastercard is our global payment network, so you can use it all over the world. For apps and websites, there’s a virtual card number in the Wallet app. It auto-fills for you when you’re using Safari.

It builds on the incredible ease and security that millions of people love about Apple Pay. And it’s the first card that actually encourages you to pay less interest.

You can buy things effortlessly, with just your iPhone. Or use the Apple‑designed titanium card anywhere in the world.

Apple Card lives on your iPhone, in the Wallet app. And that makes all kinds of new things possible.

You can sign up in no time and start using it right away with Apple Pay. For every purchase you make, you get Daily Cash. And it really is cash. So you can spend it however you want, right from your iPhone.

When you buy something using Apple Card, you get a percentage of your purchase back in Daily Cash. Not a month from now, but every day. There’s no limit to how much you can get. And it goes right onto your Apple Cash card, so you can use it just like cash.

Source: Apple

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