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Mobile Application Development - The Next Growing Technology

Mobile Application Development - The Next Growing Technology

The Smartphone users are increasing every day and the devices have taken the job of fulfilling the shopping, news and entertainment demands of the user. This rise on the dependence of mobile phone for everyday activities has urged the app developers to bring intuitive and creative applications.

The mobile app development has turned its attention to develop apps which can accommodate payments, travel, booking of hotels and social networking. Mobile app development is dominating the future of technology with trendy and futuristic apps.

A decade ago, many enterprises have just started using the online platform to boost their business and mobile apps are still new as a marketing strategy. Coming to the present day, mobile apps became the center of businesses in all sectors like health, hospitality; entertainment, shopping and gaming, etc. mobile app development has entered into a new dimension of creativity where user’s experience and comfort is the foremost priority. The web applications have seamlessly integrated with mobile apps to carry out the business on the go.

Customized apps are developed to give power to the consumer on the preferences of the usability. Mobile app development is a never-ending and growing technology that experiments with the integration of new technologies and adapts to changes in trends on the go. The mobile app development has already entered into futuristic trends like augmented reality and Internet of Things (IoT), etc. Let us see all the changing trends with the latest technology integration in detail here.'

Internet of things (IoT)

This is the latest technological trend which helps the users to control various devices at home with help of mobile phones. A smartphone connected through the internet is used to control the devices from a remote location. This comes handy to turn on music system or lights or heating system even before you enter the home. Mobile developers have collaborated with technology industries to make the life of users easier. Smartphones are now introduced with smart control which helps the user to turn on the TV, refrigerators, coffee makers and ACs from far.

Mobile payments

Mobile wallets are the next best alternatives to carrying debit or credit card. To shop and pay bills, a lot of mobile apps are developed to make the user free from carrying any cash. A swipe of the mobile against barcode or scanning the QR code is now enough to make payments quick and cashless. Most of the businesses are now accepting mobile payments as a part of the digital era. The apps are secure and free from frauds to protect the money of the users and to keep the transaction legitimate.

Wearable apps

Smartphones are currently the hub for innovative gadgets and wearable devices have been seamlessly integrated with the mobile network to take personalization to the next level. Heart rate monitors, sensors, geo-tagging, notifications, and calorie counting apps are directly linked to wearable devices like smart watches and fitness bands. Wearable devices communicate with the user by gathering information from the mobile network. This innovation has opened new opportunities for app developers and online entrepreneurs to stay in touch with consumers on a personal level.

Motion sensing and location-based services

Motion sensing technology has revolutionized the app development, especially in game development. Currently, the motion sensing technology is being leveraged by app developers for all categories of apps from games to health-related apps.  Most of the mobile apps now are using the beacon or location-based services to provide immediate and relevant information to the users. It practically gives a competitive edge to the app developers and businesses linked to them to stay in close proximity to the users. Apps linked with GPS have a bunch of useful applications to the user for both personal and commercial purposes.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Though AR and VR are introduced into the market through gaming technology, their applications have been exploited and merged into various business applications in recent times. Retail shopping is using these technologies to bridge the gap between virtual and real products and thereby enhancing the consumer shopping experience. Some other industries which are picking up momentum in their businesses with help of AR and VR are education, real estate market, tourism departments, education institutions, marketing, and advertising firms.

Both AR and VR technologies are used to entice the mind of the consumer and bring in a new level of experience to their senses. VR apps bring in the trail room experience or shopping experience to the consumers in life-like simulations which save everyone a trip to the shopping malls and earn more time. These immersive experiences are the key to drive customer engagement to new heights and many apps are leveraging this technology to boost their business.

Cloud-based app technology

Web-related commerce needs cloud-based services to reduce the overload of servers. The digital workspaces and personalized apps are now moving to cloud-based mobile applications due to limitations in storage space and real-time access of files. Cloud-based apps allow access to the files from anywhere at any given time. Remote workspaces and group projects are all utilizing this technology to make their work easier. Backup and recovery services attract users to choose apps with cloud services. Having a cloud service app lets the user work from mobile or laptop and lets the user upload the files or transfer them in real time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) 

When you think of AI in mobile app development, Siri and other smart assistants come to mind. These personal assistants have changed the way how users communicate and do tasks. AI has taken over the functionalities like texting, answering questions, tracking down information much effectively with the integration of other Indian app Development Company trends. Voice interface is now part of every novel app that has made its transition into the digital era.

Few more technological advancements like the integration of chatbots into mobile apps without the need for intricate coding and instant apps installation on the surge of popularity. All these advancements are here to make the mobile user-friendly and improve the user experience with personalization. Speaking earnestly, the mobile application has managed to capture the attention of the users across the globe with innovative technology and is on the way to venture into new magnitude.

About the Author:
The article is written by Shubham Sharma, he is currently working as Content Manager with Adreno Technologies. He has a great passion for digital marketing and help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. 

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