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Adobe Unveiled Photoshop CC for iPad Devices

Adobe Unveiled Photoshop CC for iPad Devices

It's good news for iPad customers, Adobe for iPad. Announced at Max Conference in Los Angeles. The announces made with Photoshop CC for the iPad, Project Aero, Project Gemini, Dimension CC 2.0 and a major update to Photoshop CC.

Now Photoshop CC will be available to iPad customers in 2019, Adobe has given the statement on Monday.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad comes in several Photoshop tools with a UI redesigned for the touchscreen. Even you can import your brushes itself, revealed its working on a new drawing app called Project Gemini.

“This is what we mean when we talk about liberating your creativity,” said Adobe chief product officer Scott Belsky.

According to Pam Clark, Adobe’s product manager for Photoshop, the process of using both is meant to be seamless.

Anything you do on the iPad is seamlessly synced to the desktop, so you can now use the best device for the task you want to accomplish with no compromises. No exporting, importing, converting to different formats, or fixing whatever didn’t properly convert. It all just seamlessly works.

According to Phil Schiller, svp of worldwide marketing at Apple, the past three years of updates to the iPad Pro have improved processing speeds and capacity enough to power programs like Photoshop. He said the Apple Pencil has also become a useful tool for designers.

“They’re going to appear both to people using all the creative tools today, but also an entirely new generation of creators who are looking for an entirely different workflow,” he said.

Adobe is also presenting a production version of its new augmented reality program, called Project Aero. The software, due to go on sale next year, is a back-end system for designers and artists to create AR content that individuals can see through a screen or AR glasses.

Other focused applications like Dimension CC, Project Aero, and Project Gemini each deliver huge and unique benefits themselves, and extend the value of the Photoshop system for you.
  • Dimension gives designers accessible 3D workflows. A big update (2.0) is shipping today.
  • Aero gives designers the ability to create AR experiences. Preview today. Ships in the future.
  • Gemini is a focused drawing and painting app for devices like the iPad. Preview today. Ships in the future.
The project Gemini and Photoshop for iPad will be available in 2019. If Adobe thinks for iPad, then we are expecting Adobe Photoshop for Android in future as well.


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