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What Problems Does E-Mail Marketing Automation Solve

What Problems Does E-Mail Marketing Automation Solve

What Problems Does E-Mail Marketing Automation Solve?

Actually, it depends! The determinative factor here is your aim. Your aim consists of tasks to be solved.

The aim can't be just automating your workflow and increasing ROI, that's why give this a great deal of thought.

Too many marketers today consider marketing automation to be a panacea for their business.
They truly believe it will bring them thousands of dollars in no time when they tip back in an armchair. This won't do! If you've ever tried to grow a flower, you certainly know that you have to set it, water and batten routinely as well as transplant. In case you do all these things at once and the same way with all the flowers – they will die. The same is true for email marketing. It's a complete failure to treat your customers as your mailing list contacts. To get more revenue and income, one should really spend much time, money and effort for establishing long-termed relationships.

Email marketing automation helps solve the following tasks:

  • Send relevant content to every subscriber
Bulk email sent to the entire mailing list is the ghost from a long-forgotten past. Valuable and relevant content here is out of the question. Your email campaigns are to meet your customers’ needs if you want to build long-lasting relationships with them. Men and women, teens and grown-ups shouldn't receive the same content. There is a wide choiсe of marketing technics today to discover your clients' preferences. If you don't use them, email marketing automation will never help your business. Try smart personalization, segmentation and check out the results!
  • Automate email campaign sending
If you already know your subscribers' needs and preferences, created the corresponding segments and worked out your strategy, email marketing automation will help you automate the workflow, avoid postponements and save time.
  • Send event-based emails
This is the main advantage of automated email marketing. Subscribers receive an email as a response to their action. Subscribed? A welcome email is sent. Made an order? Order confirmation email is sent. Haven't opened your emails for a long time? Reactivation campaign is sent. Every next email is predetermined by a user's action. It ensures personalized approach.
  • Monitor the interaction with every client
You can discover both main email marketing metrics and client's interaction with your brand. Check out the number of emails opened, clicked, marked as spam, bounced. Discover the most loyal customers who often read from you and buy, and passive users not even reading your emails. This will give you more insights into your work, provide with fresh ideas on how to optimize your email marketing.
Now you’re acquainted with the benefits of marketing automation. If you’ve worked out a strategy, you can look for a service providing you with marketing automation tools.
  • Marketing automation platform
It’s not a big problem to find a service offering this feature as most of them provide with the same tools. We’ve made a research and found a service that allows to use marketing automation for the lowest price ever, and this is SendPulse.

What is SendPulse?

SendPulse is a platform for marketing automation, lead generation and maintaining relationships with them. The thing which makes it stand out from the rest is multi-channel options for communication.

In SendPulse, you can keep in touch with your subscribers via email, web push notifications, SMS, and Viber. Besides, you can use all these channels within one campaign to reach out to more users.

Want more?
Web push notifications in this service are free forever without any limitations. Besides, there is a generous free pricing plan – 15,000 emails to less than 2,500 subscribers monthly. If you have a small business, you can use the service for free.
But we are sure you’ll be tempted by its advanced features that include marketing automation.


Email marketing automation in SendPulse is available on the cheapest pricing plan. If you have 2500 subscribers, the price is $9.85, if up to 3000 – $29.

Картинки по запросу sendpulse  price
If compare, in MailChimp you’ll have to pay $25 for 2000 subscribers and $40 for 2600 subscribers.

Automation 360

Automation 360 allows to send emails triggered by events, using filters and conditions for better segmentation.

How does Automation 360 work?

The feature works according to the pre-defined events. Add the event you need, for example, a purchase and the service generates a specific URL. Then start creating an automation flow.

Below is the working field. As you see, there are 7 blocks to use. Firstly, you have to choose an event when your flow starts, I chose adding a subscriber to a mailing list.

Then, drag the blocks to your field. You can use email, SMS and web push within one flow. I decided to send a welcome email after a user subscribes. Then I applied Filter in order to segment leads by gender. After that, I sent different offers for men and women. I used Goal block to stop the series if it’s triggered. If users made an order, I sent them confirmation email and SMS with shipping status. When my subscribers hadn’t opened my email for a long time, I sent them a reactivation campaign and set the condition. Those who had followed the link – got a special discount on their purchase. I also used Action block to add passive subscribers to the corresponding mailing list and remove those who hadn’t followed the link from the reactivation email. It helped me manage my mailing lists and keep them updated.
Automation 360 also allows to send web push notifications, for this purpose you need the users’ permission to receive them.

SendPulse has lots of nice and responsive email templates for your campaigns; they will look great at any screen resolution. Monitor conversions after every email sent. There are 2 options: you can either do it with Goal block or select “Stop series by event” when creating an event. This way, if you decide to stop series when a user buys, every purchase will be counted as a conversion.

SendPulse offers 4 predefined events for marketing automation: registration, purchase, abandoned cart and custom event. They allow to plan your work ahead and create advanced automation flows.

Sending automated emails is available on paid plans only, but you can create a flow for free to test the marketing automation tools provided by a service.

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