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Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Smart assistants are the latest things among the trends that is ruling the smartphones. They are very much like a robot that resides virtually inside your smartphone.

It is capable of doing a lot of things. Right from ordering some grocery from a nearby store from Alexa to asking it about the weather of the next 5 days. As present, there are around 3 major brands that have made their very own smart assistant. Amazon’s alexa, Google’a assistant and Apple’s Siri. The best part is that all of them are based on artificial intelligence which helps the assistants improve with time.     

The working of a smart assistant may be very complex but it performs its function very smoothly. The process starts from the user uttering a command and then the smart assistant framing the best reply for that query.

Every smart assistant is alerted by a certain cue word. The cue words are like Hey Alexa, Hey siri and Ok Google. You have to call the assistant in order for them to listen to your commands. Almost all the assistants work on the same logic, they just differ n the protocols. 

The processing happens right after the command is given. The assistant breaks down the command into small pieces as that makes it easier to send the information in packets. Once the broken down information is sent to the servers then the algorithm analyses the whole thing. It then looks for the most credible information and then frames the best response possible to send forward the information.

The below infographic is an excellent representation of how all the 3 assistants stand side by side to each other. From what we could make out, the best and the most relevant response was framed by Google assistant. Least relevant response were framed by Apple Siri. Lately these assistant are the main features of smart home devices which are even more engaging and also very helpful. 

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