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Make Your Own Logo with Easy-to- Use DesignEvo

Make Your Own Logo with Easy-to- Use DesignEvo

Make Your Own Logo with Easy-to- Use DesignEvo

Have you ever encountered a situation in which you need a business card or a campaign logo when you are establishing a website or a small company?

Previously you can only hire a professional visual designer, but you can easily create your own logo now after reading this article.

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker that you can use to customize a unique and professional logo. The interface is quite simple and intuitive.

To start making your own logo, open the editing canvas by clicking Make a Free Logo on the homepage of DesignEvo site. You can choose to create from the existing logo templates. There are various types of templates on the left side. Just choose the one you like and customize to make it your own.

After choosing a template, you are asked to "enter the company name and slogan" on the pop-up window which will replace the text in the selected template automatically. You can also choose to skip it.

Make Your Own Logo with Easy-to- Use DesignEvo

Next, you can freely edit the text font, color, size spacing and other effects to make it attractive. If you are not satisfied with the integrated icons, you can change them at will. On the left side of the screen, there are over one million searchable icons available. Type the keyword and you will get various graphics to choose. For example, if your business is related to technology, you can search with "computer", “tech", etc.

Make Your Own Logo with Easy-to- Use DesignEvo

If you want to be a little more creative, you can create a logo totally from the very beginning by clicking "start from scratch” button on the top right corner. But for those who know little about design, over 3000 templates provide a considerable convenience.

Overall, I think this is a great and easy tool for anyone who knows nothing about Ai or Ps. It has simple drag and drop features that allows you to quickly complete a logo with 3 steps. It offers 3000+ templates, millions of icons and hundreds of stylish fonts for selection. The best thing is that you can create a professional looking logo with only a few clicks, no need for any professional design skills.

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