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How To Capitalize on Advertising Opportunities With Facebook Messenger Ads

How to Capitalize on Advertising Opportunities with Facebook Messenger Ads

Earlier this year, Facebook announced plans to expand Facebook Messenger ads to marketers worldwide. With an already robust array of advertising options on the social media platform, Messenger ads represent a new opportunity for brands that are trying to reach customers in a platform where they are already engaged.
With ads that integrate into the Messenger platform, this offers marketers a new way to engage customers and start conversations. For brands that are already using Messenger chatbots , this could be a great opportunity to reach consumers with your message. For brands that have yet to develop a chatbot, this could be the news that gets them to reconsider the issue.

Messenger Ad Potential

As Facebook stated in its business blog, “Messenger ads are going global. After promising tests in Australia and Thailand, we're expanding the beta further. We'll now offer businesses around the world a way to use Facebook targeting to extend their reach to people in Messenger.”
For many businesses, this should represent an exciting opportunity to expand into a new marketing space. With more than a billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger, businesses of all sizes will be able to reach more people and build campaigns that reach consumers in more ways.

How to Leverage Facebook Messenger for Marketing

When users open the Messenger app, they could see your ad on the home screen. When they tap the ad, they’ll be directed to a link that was designated during the ad creation process. This could be the homepage of your website, a landing page or it could be a Messenger conversation. This new option is key for getting new customers to discover your brand, and it’s also a great way to re-engage existing customers.
The ability to direct customers to a conversation with your chatbot is one of the more interesting options. By setting the ad to open to a conversation, you can keep the customer in the app and use your chatbot to share your brand’s message.

In the instances that your Facebook Messenger ads have the same targeting options as your ads that appear on Facebook, this new marketing option could be a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and driving sales. Combine the power of targeted Messenger ads with a chatbot and you have the ability to develop marketing campaigns that offer a more engaging experience. With careful targeting and a chatbot, advertisers could use Facebook Messenger to start authentic conversations that are an effective means to inspire action in the consumer.

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