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AMD vs Intel. Comparison of Technological Giants

AMD vs Intel. Comparison of Technological Giants 

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is a firm which manufactures processors, servers, motherboards chipsets and other computer equipment. It has been operating for over forty years, which makes it the 2nd biggest company in this business after Intel which was created in 1968. 


  • Both AMD and Intel are integrated in USA and they are both excellent when it comes to analyzing and development in computer equipment.  
  • Both are popular for creating manufacturing amenities in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Singapore. 
  • Their inventions are used in any country that uses computers. 
  • They both manufacture motherboards. A motherboard is the circuit at the base of every computer. 
  • They also both manufacture CPU chips for PCs.


1. Value 

The AMD chips are cheaper compared to Intel chips. The cheapest AMD Athlon, Sempron and dual-core processor starts at around 30 dollars while the Intel Celeron dual-core processor begins at around 45 dollars.

As you go on, you will find that Intel’s costs are still higher and it offers more power compared to AMD. 

2. Game Performance 

If you want to play PC games such as those offered all around the web, it is very tricky to choose the right CPU. AMD has so many chips delivered as APUs. This implies that the processor has Radeon graphics on a chip. This provides more advantage for low end games. 

Intel equally contains non-segregated graphics, however, its performance is not similar to that of AMD Radeon. 

However, AMD chips are not as fast as Intel chips and this drags high-end games. All Intel i7 and i5 chips can take good advantage of top end graphics when operating with a huge budget. The dissimilarity between an AMD chip and the same-priced Intel i5 or i3 chip may be thirty or forty frames per second when having a high end graphics card. 

There is still so much more to selecting a CPU than just taking advantage of the Internet. The other major feature to look at is overclocking. 

3. Overclocking 

The main thing you must look at when comparing processors is the clock speed- 4.5GHz, 2.7GHz and so forth. It is the best metric for comparing processors, however, you should bear in mind that the figure is not definite. It is possible to push up the speed in some processors provided if you possess the relevant knowledge and a cooling hardware. Overclocking processors is simple, but you must have a processor that is overclockable. Most processors come with locked multipliers that bear overclocking. 

Both AMD and Intel manufactures unlocked CPUs of various charges. AMD, however, has a history of being easier to overclock than Intel.


In the end, both top end AMD processor and a top end Intel processor are capable of producing the same outcome. There can be slight variations in general performance and gaming, but it is not easy to notice them.

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