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Security Measures Every Start-up Should Take in 2017

Security Measures Every Start-up Should Take in 2017

Security Measures Every Start-up Should Take in 2017

For a business man and a start-up entrepreneur may think that your business is having cyber security which protects your business’s data which is a nonnegotiable responsibility for every business owners. And here there are few ways which can help.

1. Conduct sufficient screening and background checks

As we all know that hackers catch most of the data for cyber breaches. Almost about 14% of global data breaches in 2015 came from within the business network. As the cyber security tries to measures as well as their browsing patterns. It also allows an initial trial period through which the access to sensitive data is blocked or limited.

2. Leverage a disaster recovery service

Hacking is so bad that can totally destroy your business database which causes you a total shut down. This can also cost your business financially. For Fortune 1000 companies, the average cost of infrastructure failure is $100,000 per hour. A disaster recovery service is a use to built to ensure that your business database is always available to you especially when hacking is breaches.

3. Eliminate password vulnerability

Many people use an easy password which they can remember such as their bank account number or predictable. So the rule to follow is to use a mixture of numbers letters or symbols so the password won’t be predictable for the people who hacks your database.

4. Use a multi-step authentication process

As a strong password helps to the threat presented by hackers. And also there is an extra verification and confirmation process while logging in to any accounts which you have.

5. Keep all your software up to date

Hacker’s every day tries new ways to hack the database to breach the security system. All you should do is to update the new security measures working for you is update all your software.

6. Be careful with links

Never try to click on a link which is sent via email. Because it helps to verify by calling the sender first to be sure 

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