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Yahoo Mail App Gets Caller ID, Photo Upload Features

Yahoo Mail App Gets Caller ID, Photo Upload Features

Yahoo Mail App Gets Caller ID, Photo Upload Features

Yahoo has introduced Caller ID and photo upload features for its Yahoo Mail app that will help users to find a caller from their email contact list and also access their phone camera roll on a desktop. The new features are now presented and users can update Yahoo Mail app in the App Store (iOS v4.13) and Google Play (Android v5.13).

Once a person contacts the users, the name of the person will be displayed on the call and the mail client will update the names in the call history even if the number is not saved in the smartphone, the company said in a statement. Yahoo Mail uses contact information from emails.

This new feature can be allowed by heading to Settings on the Yahoo Mail app. From there, move on to Phone → Call Blocking and Identification. Then, toggle the switch beside Yahoo Mail and save. Talking about the photo upload feature, once it is allowed, the camera roll photos will be offered when the users access Yahoo Mail account on the desktop. This can be permitted from Settings → Photo upload → Upload Photos.

If we are an Apple user, the updated Yahoo Mail app utilizes a particular caller ID and block setting where users can just toggle the switch for the Yahoo Mail app in order to permit the Caller ID function. As per the company, this also updates names in our call history or when we dial the phone.
The second major feature that the app gets is photo syncing. A new video and photo sharing platform called “Tripod” has also been declared that lets you search photos by keyword and more. Yahoo basically wants to make it easier to email photos from our phone when we’re on our desktop PC.

The feature incorporates a new Yahoo photo and video sharing platform called “Tripod,” born out of Flickr, that also allow us to do things like search photos by keyword.

Now users will be able to access smartphone camera photos via their Yahoo Mail account on the desktop. This way, the upload come about in the background between the phone and the Yahoo Mail service without making the photos public, like Flickr. Of course, a user can choose not to upload the photos as well.

In a blog post, Yahoo VP of Product Management Michael Albers said, "Consider for a moment that our inboxes have become a place where all of our life's details are captured and stored. With smarter contacts and better photo-sharing, we're helping you take full advantage of your inbox!"

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