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WhatsApp for Android Coming With New Update Let You Recall, Edit Messages After Sending Them

WhatsApp for Android Coming With New Update Let You Recall, Edit Messages After Sending Them

WhatsApp for Android Could Soon Let You Recall, Edit Messages After Sending Them

WhatsApp was rumored to be trying a new feature on its iPhone beta version that permitted users to cancel or edit messages we have already sent to other contacts. It seems the feature is being tested on the Android beta app as well - though regular users cannot access it right now.

For the past some days, you have been listening to several tattles regarding the new features of WhatsApp. Be it Screenshot the message, GIF search, Offline messaging, Edit sent messages, etc. Now it's time to add two more to the list.

First is 'Recalling the chat', which means, even after we send a message on WhatsApp, if the receiver hasn't read the message yet, we will have an option of recalling it i.e., we can take your chats back.

And the second one which is rumored to be under testing is Editing sent messages i.e., we can edit our sent messages unless the receiver doesn't read it. The upcoming WhatsApp feature to edit or revoke sent message will work by long pressing a sent message. Though, this WhatsApp feature to revoke and edit sent messages will probably work only in the situation if the receiver hasn't seen the message from the sender. Now, WhatsApp allows users delete messages on the device level and the deleted messages remain visible to the receiver. Though the feature is already rumored to have hit the iOS devices, it isn't officially available as yet.

Unfortunately, there is no word when the new revoke or edit sent messages features will be offered for Android users.

The edit sent the message and revoke/ recall message features have reportedly shown up in beta versions of WhatsApp for Android - though they are restricted by default, meaning that we will have to turn it on manually on a rooted phone. 

As per WABetaInfo, which tracks the beta releases of the app, the upcoming WhatsApp's edit and revoke features will be available in versions 2.17.25 and 2.17.26 respectively.But once the amazing features hit the mobiles, it would really help us in taking care of the imprecisely sent messages.

WhatsApp is also testing a feature to permit users to show the contents of archived ZIP and RAR files. Not many details have been made public otherwise, but we should be able to view the contents of the files being shared with us.

Recently The Company declared video calls on all its platforms, GIF support and video preview feature. It is also working towards a Snapchat-like status feature, which will be an individual feature and will allow us to set daily status for our friends.

All these features have been announced because of the rising competition, especially from  Google Duo and Google Allo. These two from Google have some interesting feature and an inbuilt assistant that no other service can boast of.

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