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Facebook Videos To Auto Play With Sound Turned On

Facebook Videos To Auto Play With Sound Turned On

Facebook Videos To Auto Play With Sound Turned On

Facebook Engineering Manager Alex Lee and the product manager Dana Sittler has announced on Tuesday blog post that "as people watch more video on phones, they've come to expect sound when the volume on their device is turned on."

The social network has been testing this new "sound on" feature, and received "positive feedback" about it, Li and Sittler added. So it's slowly rolling out to more people.

Until now videos in news feed played silently until a user tapped to listen that was earlier and now it will automatically start playing unless your phone is set to silent. With this new update, the sound fades in and out you scroll through videos in your newsfeed. 

Rest assured that there is a way to disable this feature from the setting menu you have to just head over to the settings try to navigate to the videos and sections and disable the option. 

And also Facebook has confirmed plans to launch a new video application television as well as was rumored earlier this month and the application will roll out soon to the app store like Apple TV on Amazon fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, with support for more platforms expected in the future. 

"Our video app for TV is a new way to enjoy Facebook videos on a bigger screen," Li and Sittler wrote. "With the app, you can watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, top live videos from around the world and recommended videos based on your interests." You can also watch videos you've saved, already watched, shared or uploaded.

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