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Samsung to Showcase C-LAB Projects, Smart TV Services at CES 2017

Samsung to Showcase C-LAB Projects, Smart TV Services at CES 2017

Samsung to Showcase C-LAB Projects, Smart TV Services at CES 2017

In 2017, The CES trade show is just a few days away and my Samsung is anticipated to launch t Galaxy a 2007 series all smartphones at its January 4 event. You can also expect to see some other interesting Toys from the South Korean Giants. Samsung has already showcased new Sila projects namely the tag + Bluetooth button, S-Skin skin care system and line cosmetic devices at CES 2017. Samsung also showcases new smart TV services. 

The tag + is simply a button that will connect to Toys and smartphone applications via Bluetooth and once it is connected kids can tab or give a long press Kaushik a bump it app for different proms responses from a connected application. From Di demo video it looks like that at plus button will be shipped with specific tags plush toys that let kids connect with other kids around the world with similar toys.  

Meanwhile, the other S-Skin and alumni are cosmetics based product and the former is a skin care solution that comprises of a microneedle patch and a portable device that will analyze the skin for hydration, redness, and melanin. The Latha is a portable device that identifies skin problems before they happen and after taking a photo of the face with Lumini, the information is sent to a smartphone application and lumini even suggests cosmetic products based on the analysis. 

Us apart from this Samsung is also planning to introduce 3 new smart TV sources that is sports, music and TV plus at CES 2017. This services will offer personalized content to consumers based on the TV preferences through Samsung Smart hub platform. Dysport services they provide information based on the user’s post preferences and the music services will let Shama TV user search and identify songs on Life TV or directly from the television programs and finally the TV plus service will offer ip-based channels focused on premium content services through a smart electronic program guide solution this means that customer can select with their favourite channels which shows by turning on the TV plus services. 

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