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    ISRO to Launch Record 83 Satellites on a Single Rocket Next Month

    ISRO to Launch Record 83 Satellites on a Single Rocket Next Month

    ISRO to Launch Record 83 Satellites on a Single Rocket Next Month

    ISRO on Tuesday launched a record 83 satellites in one go using its workforce PSLV-C37 towards the end of January. Still it’s been working on January launch and it will be to the end of the January as we all know from the recent update but still that it has not been fixed yet so the Indian Space Research Organisation chairman A S Kiran Kumar told reporters in Bangalore. 

    Fungi 83 satellites karma it belongs to Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherland, Switzerland and the US. They were about 500 kg. The three Indian satellites are cartosat-2 series, weighing 730 kg as primary Player load and INS-IA and INS-1B, weighing 30kg. Recently ISRO in June had successfully launched 20 satellites including its Earth observation Cartosat-2 series in a single Mission onboard PSLV-C34 from the spaceport in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. 

    The space agency had earlier send 10 satellites into Orbit in a single mission in the year 2008. Now is Robot launch at least 5 communication satellites in the year 2017 it will launches will be more next year as we are actually looking at most something like 5 communication satellites then many more others. Stating that 2016 was a good here because of ISRO was able to improve on what they were doing the previous year said by Kumar the main Emphasis now was on building capacity. 

    The company needs more and more capacity launch capacity where there are working towards that. Uneven ISRO is conducting tests for hazards avoidance for Chandrayaan 2 as it lands. Chandrayaan 2, we are preparing for Hazrat avoidance as it lands then it has to avoid boulders and things. Now we are trying to verify the performance of the system has designed comma so they are some creative created and it also comes down how it negotiates. We are trying to evaluate the performance of the system. Asus Rog has been conducting these tests as its facility in Challakere Chitradurga District of Karnataka.

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