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    12 Free And Easy To Use SEO Tools

    12 Free and Easy To Use SEO Tools

    Are you looking for a tool to optimize your website for Search Engine?
    Now-a-days in the revolutionary digital world, everyone is looking for the ranking of their website must be on the top of everyone in the search results of search engines. How does this happen? And what are the techniques to optimize a website to gain such an optimum level.

    Our answer for your rising questions would be working on SEO for your Website. SEO could be defined as search engine optimization. We would like to recommend you these following 15 free and easy to use SEO tools listed below:

    1. Google PageSpeed Insights
    Check for the speed and usability of your website.

    This tool will help you by testing the load time and performance of your website on the desktop as well as for mobile devices. This tool will also provide you the opportunities by showing you the ways you can improve the performance. The mobile result will also show you the user experience score, grading areas like tap targets and font sizes.

    2. Moz Local Listing Score
    A facility to look how your local business looks online.

    Moz functions to crunch data from more than 15 different sources – including google, facebook, foursquare, etc. – with providing you the score of how it looks online. Moz shows you the results complete with the required fixes for incomplete listings.

    3. Open Site Explorer
    Analysis for comprehensive links

    Open Site Explorer gives you a quick look of link analysis, including the most impactful links in your way and mosted linked pages. Open Site Explorer will provide you the quick look in the free version. You can get the analysis and make improvements in your website.

    4. Keywordtool.io
    A single keyword could derive you 700+ Keyword Ideas.

    Enter a keyword, and the keyword tool will provide you the long list of keywords you can focus for the opportunities and those are organized alphabetically. A wide range of keywords for your website to focus for obtaining the optimum level.

    5. Google Analytics
    Web Statistics and Search Insights

    Google Analytics provides you the complete web statistics and Search Insights to your main keywords notifying you for the keywords that people use to land on your web pages.

    6. Google Webmaster Tools
    Constant Website Analysis Reports and Alerts of your website

    Google Webmaster Tools will give you the complete analysis report of your website as it is helpful to see and identify any bugs, alerts or indexing issues. The best way to analyze your website using Google Webmaster Tools.

    7. Google Keyword Planner
    Come to know what people exactly search for

    All you need to do is just to enter a keyword and goosgle will replicate you the similar keywords and the strategy according to the searches of month, competition and even google suggests the terms you might not have even considered. Google Keyword Planner is the helpful tool for SEO.

    8. Google Trends
    Analysis of change in search volume.

    Google trends will provide you the data of change in search volume, and you could analyze it according to your website and SEO opportunities for your content. A great tool to help you understand to write the content according to the current trend.

    9. QuickSprout Website Analyzer
    Analyze your website in all fields of digital world!

    The QuickSprout Website Analyzer provides you the complete and comprehensive analysis about everything you need to know. Starting from SEO Optimization to speed, tags, keywords, social, links and it can also even provide you the competitor comparison. An ideal way to analyze your website thoroughly.

    10. SERPs Rank Checker
    Check your site rank

    SERPs Rank Checker provides you the complete analysis of your website with rank and provides you to track 100’s of keywords. Your website rank insights and improvement opportunities are being displayed with complete keyword ranking.

    11. SEO Site Checkup
    Check and Get Score for your website

    A simple and fast checkup of your website providing an audit report for proper tags and error that might come up. SEO Site Checkup provides you the opportunity to improve your website with showing you the results for fixes on the errors being audited.

    12. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer
    A Dashboard for performance of search and social ranking

    The Searchmetrics Website Analyzer provides you the report over the dashboard about your website ranking in search and social. A keyword Ranking Report it generates for you to optimize according to the trend.

    So, if you want to grasp some more knowledge on SEO tools, there are many books available for you on CashOnBuy.com. Some useful, some informative and some who will go a long way in educating you on the same. All this only at CashOnBuy.com.

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