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10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Aamir Khan's Film Based on Wrestling

10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Aamir Khan's Film Based on Wrestling

10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Aamir Khan's Film Based on Wrestling

From the recent release of Amir Khan starting the movie Dangal which is based on wrestling biopic movie shows an inspiring story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita. It’s the journey of overcoming multiple challenges and becoming nude wrestling champions in Olympic. Indus business world and entrepreneurs face many challenges like sometimes they lose their spirit because of constraints of skills and resources such as manpower, budget and time. Is this movie teaches 10 important lessons for entrepreneurs that could help them in achieving the goals and win over or resource for competitors?

1. The first lesson is that you have to focus on the goal as from the movie Mahavir Singh Phogat was focused on getting a gold medal for the country. As he didn’t get any chance because as he didn’t get anyhow found his family so he focused on his daughters that are Geeta and Babita. Before gitaz Final Fight Mahavir Singh Phogat says that if you win the Silver Medal then either today or tomorrow people will forget you but you will become an example for them but in case if you win the gold medal and examples are given, you don’t forget them.

2. The second lesson is Break Your mental barriers Mahavir Singh child has to get a gold medal for the country respect of being a boy or a girl. As in the movie, he says Dad gold medal is a gold medal whether a boy gets it a girl. Earlier before when Mahavir Singh Phogat thought about his two daughters so he not only broke his mental that you are but also convinced his wife and daughters for the goal. Also created a support system for his daughters by involving their mail Cousin, chicken supplier others

3. Sacrifices enable success, Mahavir Singh Phogat price question is daughters to Rangoli in the morning around 5 a.m I am also he gets their hairs cut off, changes their food choices and social activities. Alia his daughter's way and I’ll be with the sacrifice but later they realize their father’s vision and aligned themselves for this sacrifice.

4. Persistence is very important, and Geeta and Babita started preparing console for wrestling they usually faced many physical and emotional challenges during practice like being a girl physical exercise weight off to execute and many people logged on them.

5. Competition makes you better come on both Mahavir Singh Phogat daughters lost multiple fights during practice with the Cousin. And Geeta in her first fight with the male wrestler she lost her first public fight. But these corporations with me a restless meet them realized where they stand and where they have to reach so that tried to prepare then solve to become much stronger to accept bigger challenges and eventually won it.

6. Avoiding feeling of achievement comma after winning reaching match in the junior International guitar goes to institute in Patiala for the trading so that she can try for Olympics she makes friends attitude and forget the discipline she had been caught up with from her father. So she was irregularly watching films eating junk foods and grow hair longer than later guitar finds herself using every match and got depressed.

7. Except for criticism, when Geeta came home for a vacation from the institute in Patiala, Mahavir Singh rises that the changes in her and resized on a few of a wrestling moves Canon, where I get on LIC  today criticism and eventually lost a few quay fights with hat, was caught by her father. Then later she accepted the proposal and prepare yourself for Commonwealth Games.

8. Reinvent your competitive advantage Kana Geeta had one over many me restless in the early starting point of a age so she had to learn many new Strategies and moves for Commonwealth Championship so what Mahavir Singh watch all the recordings of a PDF file with where she had lost and given her suggestions on improvement areas so that she could compete with better competitors with their minds.

9. Refuse to accept less than your breast, the coach of feet after that she couldn’t win in 55 kg category and suggested how to participate in 51 kg category but then Babita and Mahavir Singh Phogat motivated for not underestimate your potential and participate in 55 kgs category only.

10. Make it happen this is the last lesson which was thought come on in the final competition for gold medal winner had almost lost and only a few seconds we left between men and lost so despite her father's absence convert time limitations kamal's the points and tough competitor, Geeta managers to win the final competition and become the first Indian female wrestler to win gold in the Commonwealth games.

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