YouTube Starts Showing More Local Language Content to Users

YouTube Starts Showing More Local Language Content to Users

YouTube Starts Showing More Local Language Content to Users

Starting from today YouTube users in India will see more local language content on their Home and Trending feeds. Now, based on our video watch history, YouTube will automatically be able to identify our ideal Indic language; example Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, etc and will then display more content in that language on our ‘Home’ page. 

In case YouTube recognizes the wrong language for you, you can change your language setting from the bottom of the page on desktop. On the Android and iOS mobile apps, language settings are based on the device settings. YouTube adds that users can instead also just watch more videos in their language, and it "will gradually correct itself."

The company declares that thanks to the move, users will see more local language content in the Home tab such as movies and music, particularly if they are first time users. The Trending section will display videos that are popular with other users with similar language preferences.

"We are excited to help more Indians find content in their local languages, especially those who are coming online for the first time. We hope this will make their experience even more engaging and relevant. We're equally excited to help regional content creators reach audiences in their local languages more quickly," YouTube said in its statement.

YouTube had over 55 million active users in India as of January 2016, as per media reports. The move to announce more local language is an indication that parent Google wants YouTube to target the fast growing internet users in India.

YouTube will be showing user local language content in two areas on its website, Home, and Trending.

1. On Home, users will see more local content such as movies and music, if we are a first time user. If we’re an existing YouTube user, we will continue to receive great references based on what we watch.

2. Trending will now show trending videos based on our local language. For example, if we have indicated a preference for Tamil, Trending will contain videos that are trending amongst Tamil-speaking users in India.

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