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    ISRO Successfully Inserts Resourcesat-2A Satellite into Orbit

    ISRO Successfully Inserts Resourcesat-2A Satellite into Orbit

    ISRO Successfully Inserts Resourcesat-2A Satellite into Orbit

    Recently on Wednesday morning India has successfully put into Orbit it's on earth observation satellite resources at 2A in textbook style.  On Wednesday morning India has successfully launched of resourcesat-2A to provide 3 tier imaging data. 

    As the chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation Kiran Kumar recently have updated about the launched for the first time a camera was put on the rocket and as a result, the launch of the satellite and the deployment of solar panels were seen.  Around 10.25 A.M the variant rocket standing for 4.4 meters tall and weight 321 ton tore into the morning Sky with fuse Orange films at its tail.  

    The Indian space scientist at Indian Space Research Organisation where blue To Their computer screen watching the rocket escaping the earth's gravitational pull. The scanner is about high-resolution linear images else can a camera operating in three spectral bands in the visible and infrared region with 5.8 metres spatial resolution and also steerable up to 26 degrees on track to achieve a 5 day revisit capability.

    The satellite also carries to Sunstate recorder with the capacity of 200 gigabits each to store the images taken by the high-resolution linear image Sab scanner camera which can be read out later to ground stations. Also, the mission life of resources at 2A is five years. And also the second payload is the medium resolution linear imaging cell scanner camera operating introspective banks and one is the short wave infrared band with 23.5 meters spatial resolution. Rocket is a Fourth Stage Angel rocket powered by solid and liquid fuel or alternatively according to the ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation officials and the media team assembled at the port here. 

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