Google Home Now Lets You Control Netflix With Voice Commands.

Google Home Now Lets You Control Netflix With Voice Commands.

Google Home Now Lets You Control Netflix With Voice Commands.

Google has added support for Netflix to its home assistant Google Home — just in time for a bit of holiday binge-watching. We’ll be able to ask Home to play specific series, pause and resume playback, skip episodes, turn on captions, and even reverse the show we’re watching if we missed what was just said. 

Google has updated its Google Home speaker to announce more support for services like Netflix, and the addition of voice commands for Photos. All users with Google Home will now be able to play particular Netflix episodes, rewind, pause, and fast forward with the help of voice commands.

To set this up, we will need a Chromecast connected to the TV, a Wi-Fi network, and the latest version of Google Home app updated on our smartphone. Users also require to link their Google and Netflix accounts within the app for this integration to complete, and the voice commands to work seamlessly.

The Netflix update is particularly slick since we can use our voice to control Netflix playback, skip to the next episode, and so on. First, we'll need to hook up the Google Home app to our Netflix account by launching the app, tapping the Menu icon, and selecting more settings. Then select Videos and photos and scroll to find Netflix in the Videos section. Then just complete the sign-in. Keep in mind that Google Home automatically relatives to the main profile on the account, so if we have multiple profiles, make sure the one we want to be made available is the main.

After the setup process is complete, we can tell Google Home to "play the first episode from the first season of 'House of Cards' on Netflix", for example, and our TV should begin to play it automatically.
Google Photos also now works with Google Home. We can now see our photos on a Chromecast-connected TV by just saying "Ok Google, show my photos of the Turkey trip", and all our photos will be displayed on the big screen. We can even search photos based on places, things, and even people.
To keep the festive spirit up, Google Home also permits you to track Santa Claus. Google is even giving away six months of free subscription of YouTube Red if we buy a Google Home before the end of this year.

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