Google Brings Featured Photos Screensavers And Wallpapers to Your Mac and Android Devices

Google Brings Featured Photos Screensavers And Wallpapers to Your Mac and Android Devices

Google Brings Featured Photos Screensavers, Wallpapers to Your Mac and Android Devices

Recently Google has launched a feature on Android devices and in mac and that is photo screensavers, wallpapers to your Mac and Android devices. This feature was launched as featured photo Screensaver application for Mac users. But also Android users can use Google wallpapers application for Google Plus wallpapers. This is the most amazing aspect of calling a chrome cast dongle is the experience of watching the new wallpapers from the application Google Plus that are displayed on the television screen when the device is not being used for casting videos. Whenever the pictures of short using professional cameras, the detail of and the quality are usually very brilliant. 

From the source, it has been announced that it is going to bring a big experience to your Android and Mac devices. It is usually to display the selected wallpapers from Google Plus when the desktop is left idle. When the application is installed the user can find Google featured as an option in the desktop and screensaver preferences Windows. It’s like a whenever the desktop goes to sleep mode the new wallpaper will turn up for the users. 

The screen saver application is 7.8 MB in size and can be downloaded from Google play store for free. And also the application is compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and above. And the Android users can I choose to set the images from Google Plus Aston wallpapers on the home screen lock screen by selecting the option of Google Plus as a source of Google's wallpaper application. Which was released by the company in the previous month? 

The wallpapers are usually automatically updated by the application every single day. The professional photographers on Google plus are very active and it regularly has shared there were on the website comma you wallpapers on mobile and idle desktop don’t need to look dull again. 

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