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    Cisco India Unveils 3 Cyber-Security Initiatives

    Cisco India Unveils 3 Cyber-Security Initiatives

    Cisco India Unveils 3 Cyber-Security Initiatives

    Cisco is now open link a new security operation center in Pune which will provide services ranging from monitoring and management to comprehensive threat solutions and hosted security that can be customized. Cisco India recently on Thursday announced 3 new initiatives to help the country build a transparent and Secure digital infrastructure environment.

    The company also launched a Cisco cyber range lab at ITZ guru gram facility which will provide specialized technical training workshop to help the security staff to build the skills and experience necessary to combat new age cyber threat.  the total cost was $49.24 billions.

    Recently Sis course Global Security and trust organization and also Cisco India announced the formation of the score India that will help the government shaped the national Cybersecurity strategy and initiatives. To achieve this Cisco and ministry of Electronics and information technology India computer emergency response team signed a memorandum of understanding in the presence of Electronics and it Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. This will establish a threat intelligence sharing program wherein personal formed Cisco and CERT-In will walk to get out to address digital threats and learn new approaches to enhance cyber security. It is a positive solution to have Cisco collaborate with us to enhance the security of India’s digital infrastructure.

    Cisco has mainly 3 security operation Center worldwide which is in Poland the US and Japan. With India as the fourth location, this structure will allow Sis go to provide 24-hour service for customers regardless of time zone. As in Dr digitizers security will become fundamental to season the unprecedented opportunities for businesses cities and citizens. Uneven Chalisa score is committed to enabling digital ready infrastructure and secondary everywhere so that today is cyber security announcement Reform Sis goes a long-term commitment to India. 

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