WhatsApp For Android Beta Now Allow User To Stream Shared Videos While Downloading

WhatsApp For Android Beta Now Allow User To Stream Shared Videos While Downloading

WhatsApp For Android Beta Now Allow User To Stream Shared Videos While Downloading

After launching the much awaited video-calling feature on its stable channel, WhatsApp is testing a feature to improve its video playback mechanism. WhatsApp beta for Android will permit its users to watch shared videos while they're being downloaded in the background. 

According to the reports, the streaming of shared videos feature is presently live within WhatsApp beta version bearing number 2.16.365/2.16.354; you can check out for this functionality by signing-up as beta testers. In a case of a user has signed-up as a beta tester and have managed to download the new WhatsApp beta then a user should notice a new button similar to a regular 'Play' key.

The new video streaming feature on WhatsApp for Android beta will use our Wi-Fi or cellular data to buffer a shared video, while it's still in the downloading process in the background. Previously, WhatsApp users had to wait until a video gets totally downloaded to watch it - depending upon WhatsApp auto-download setting.

When a user sends a video on WhatsApp and if we're a beta tester for WhatsApp, we'll start seeing a play icon in its place of the regular download button. At the bottom of the video dialogue box, the size of the video will be written. As soon as we hit the play button, the video starts streaming depending upon our Internet connection speed. While streaming, the video plays inside WhatsApp, but after it is downloaded WhatsApp will ask to choose our default player such as the default MX Player, video player etc.

This feature is currently only available on the WhatsApp beta build on Android. It will also work only when you receive a video from a WhatsApp beta tester. If you receive a video from a regular WhatsApp user, you will still see the Download button instead of Play button overlaid on the video.

There are no hints when the feature will roll out to regular WhatsApp users. WhatsApp users on iOS will have to wait for the feature to reach on their platform. Particularly, the feature only works if the video is shared by a WhatsApp for Android beta user, and if a regular user shares a video, only the download option will display the video.

To remember, WhatsApp just introduced the Skype-like video calling feature on its app that uses the Internet to place the video call. WhatsApp said it has optimized the video calling feature for poor connectivity areas prevalent in countries like India.

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