New Facebook Feature That Will Help Find a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Nearby

New Facebook Feature That Will Help Find a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Nearby

New Facebook Feature That Will Help Find a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Nearby

Facebook Wi-Fi is the new features seems to be in the testing phase, this helps user for finding the nearby wireless hotspots. Facebook Wi-Fi will allow the customers check in by participating in the businesses for the free Wi-Fi access. 

Facebook has started early testing of a feature designed to highlight places where we can access free and public Wi-Fi nearby us. The social networking company confirmed that its Wi-Fi discovery feature is being rolled out now, though it seems to only be in select countries.

The new feature being confirmed is listed under menu option of the Facebook app as "Find Wi-Fi" and prompts users to set location access feature on the app to "always." The new feature then points to the publicly and free available Wi-Fi hotspots to users on a map and also displays them directions to the nearest location. 

“To help people stay connected to the friends and experiences they care about, we are rolling out a new feature that surfaces open Wi-Fi networks associated with nearby places,” a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat.

The new feature is reportedly made accessible only on Facebook iOS app for now. We have to Update the latest version of Facebook App on our iPhone and scroll through our menu options to find “Enable Find Wi-Fi”. If our country is in the list of selected ones, we will find it there. Toggle the setting so it’s turned on and the app will detect places nearby with FREE WiFi access point. Not only will it display the business, but also how long it’ll take to get there and the network you can connect to.

The new "Find Wi-Fi" may be an advantage for the Facebook Live feature that needs a decent Internet speed to live stream.As of now, there are no user reports that the new "Find Wi-Fi" feature is presented for Android users. 

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