Microsoft Surface Phone Shown in Live Photos; Tipped to Feature Intel Processor

Microsoft Surface Phone Shown in Live Photos; Tipped to Feature Intel Processor

Microsoft Surface Phone Shown in Live Photos; Tipped to Feature Intel Processor

Microsoft’s Surface Phone has not been a regular feature on the rumor mill, when we talk about smartphones. It’s the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8 and which make the majority of appearances. This is despite the fact that the latter is more than half a year away. Still, the mill hasn’t been completely silent for the Surface Phone. You’ve seen some details surface, which suggests a much different device from Microsoft’s Lumia lineup. The company’s had a lot of achievement with the Surface Pro and the Surface Book. It’s the translation of this method in the smartphone arena that we’re looking forward towards. Today, some alleged images of the device have surfaced. 

It has long been rumored that Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone. This year has gotten many reports ranging from the Surface Phone's alleged specifications to renders display possible design language. On Friday, some images of the Surface Phone were displayed by trusted tipster @evleaks. The designs were posted on Twitter with Evan Blass tweeting "powered by a laptop-class Intel processor, would this have blown your mind?"

Soon after, someone commented on Blass' post saying that it was a "nice concept but nothing more". Blass replied to the comment saying "Much more than a concept. Stay tuned," and posted some more photos of the alleged Surface Phone, only this time shot in real-life settings, which strongly hint that Microsoft's upcoming flagship may finally be coming soon.

Microsoft is reportedly looking forward to integrating an Intel processor, To increase processing power. Previously, there were reports of Microsoft making use of Atom X3 for the new flagship. Though, Microsoft’s plan got a setback when Intel canceled the production of the processor.

As per the sources, Microsoft has already canceled the idea to bundle Intel processor. In its place, the company is planning to make use of the Snapdragon 830 processor for the Surface Phone. There are reports that the new Surface Phone will be prepared with Intel Kaby Lake processor, which will have greater performance.

We assume Microsoft to ship Surface Phones with the latest Windows 10 Mobile. The main problem with Microsoft devices is the inability to upgrade the software smoothly.

If Microsoft ship the Surface Phone with Windows 10 and later on doesn’t ship any updates, then the company will be unable to find its charm among future customers. This is what happened to Zune music player and Lumia smartphones. Microsoft will announce Surface Phone by the end of March 2017. 

Not much else is known on the specifications front, but what user can expect is that Microsoft is going to load its upcoming flagship smartphone with top-of-the-line specs pointing the high-end market. Microsoft's current trend demonstrate that the company is focusing less on the entry-level market and is offering all its resources on bringing out top-end Surface products with category innovation, and the newly-unveiled Surface Studio stands as proof. The move appears logical after the company has seen the miserable performance from its Lumia phones.

The Surface Phone, which is rumored to come in three models, is to be expected to compete with Google's Pixels and AppleJ's latest iPhones. The Surface Phone is likely to be launched in 2017, however, Blass' latest tweet hints that Microsoft may be ready for an earlier unveiling

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