Apple iPhone 8 Could Bring Truly Wireless Charging: Report

Apple iPhone 8 Could Bring Truly Wireless Charging: Report

Apple iPhone 8 Could Bring Truly Wireless Charging: Report

According to a new report by a Japanese publisher, Apple may be getting ready to bring wireless charging to the iPhone with the iPhone 8 release next year. The report, claims that Apple is presently awaiting for confirmation from its iPhone builder, Foxconn, as the company is still working to boost yield rates for wireless components required to satisfactory levels.

As per the report by Zach Epstein of BGR, Apple may use wireless charging tech established by Energous that could allow the iPhone 8 charged from across the room. The report claims that a small chip on the iPhone will allow the device wirelessly connect to a base station and also charge from a distance of up to 15 feet.

"Energous has repeatedly stated on earnings calls that it is working with a "tier 1" smartphone manufacturer, and all signs in the past have pointed to Apple," notes the report.

While Apple is intense to get wireless charging into the iPhone 8, the report said that the choice to take in it next time around will depend on Foxconn’s ability to ramp up production.

While Foxconn is said to be working to get wireless charging ready for at least one iPhone next year, however currently there is no sign as to whether that will lead to a product that will be ready to ship during September of next year.

The new BGR report also includes that the iPhone 8 is likely to bring major design changes since iPhone 6 announced in 2014. It adds that the iPhone 8 may feature a glass front and back panels which will be linked by metal around the edges. In line with previous leaks, the new report also recommends the iPhone 8 may use OLED screen.

Wireless charging is not a new technology on the face of it, and with many smartphone manufacturers already having had the same feature presented for a number of years, and while this report doesn’t explain it, it has been rumored that Apple’s wireless technology will contain the ability to charge the device from a distance, in its place of having to place it on a charging pad, like it’s done currently with Qi-enabled devices.

Some of the other changes estimated on the iPhone 8 include new 3D Touch gestures, next-generation Touch ID, and a new A11 Fusion processor.

The iPhone 8 is also used feature an OLED display for the first time on an iPhone and will lose the home button in favor of an embedded sensor, which will make the screen larger than before while keeping the same size dimensions as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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