How To Use And Tweak Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

How To Use And Tweak Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

How to use and tweak your windows 10 lock screen

Usually, when you start up a computer the first item that greets you when you’re fired up Windows 10 is the lock screen. By clicking or typing on and it brings you to the sign in screen where you log in to Windows 10. Some door locks screen you can view information from certain applications which you can chat with Cortana if you have installed the new Windows 10 anniversary update. And you can customize to a screen with the affair background images slideshows.

Tweaking the lock screen within is by clicking the start button and click Uninor setting icon. This technique is used for those of you who have installed the Windows 10 anniversary update the setting icon looks like a small gear. Then click on the category for personalisation and then click the setting for the lock screen.

Usually, when you go to the homepage of the Windows 10 after unlocking the lock screen the first Li which you try is change the background image for the lock screen. Click on the drop down menu and Abrar grounds 10 let’s select Windows spotlight. However, the spotlight option displays a different image periodically but only you get to vote on with the image like the select. Before selecting to the background options Windows 10 will ask if you like or describe a certain image to try to learn your preferences and then display images it thinks will strike your fancy.

The second option which you get from Windows 10 is Sis choose from one of the thumbnail images displayed or you can click on the browser button click choose different images from your own pictures or from the different folder which is been created.  And the next option is the Windows 10 lets you display tips and other information about Windows and Cortana on your lock screen. This feature is available only if you select or opt to set your background images as a picture. Next Li you choose an application to specify a couple of details from it on the lock screen. By clicking on the icon under the phrase choose an app to show details latest you can up to see details from Latha messaging calendar mail and other applications. 

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