How To Be A Smart Parent in The Tech Times With FamilyTime Parental Control App

How to Be a Smart Parent in the Tech Times with FamilyTime Parental Control App

We live in a time where the toddlers are well accustomed to mobile devices. 

They know that the internet is a thing that makes their favorite cartoon videos run. As they grow up they take pictures like the pros, do their homework with the help of internet research, and watch movies and TV serials online. The way these kids interact has changed with social media. Having fun means playing video games, watching funny videos on YouTube or binge watching Netflix.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with that, times change and people evolve. So, why do parents have to be tech smart? Technology has made things faster and easier, the internet has brought the whole world together. Sharing has never been easier. While all things are true, it is also correct that the online connectivity, sharing, and digital devices have given rise to some problems as well.

Pornographic content on the internet, sexting, sex solicitation and harassment by online predators are the major threats to kids. Then there is anincreased dependency on these devices. The majority of our population, including kids, are tech addicts. The increased rate of depression, tiredness, eyesight problems and sleep disorders is because of screen addiction.

Smart apps – Smart parents

Now coming back to thequestion, parents need to be tech smart and vigilant so that they can know the different problems their kids might face and handle them as well. For this purpose, it is best to be well read about latest mobile apps and news, and know about the tech devices and parental controls. Most tech devices come with parental control settings that the parents can set up. However, there is a smarter way for monitoring and filtering i.e. parenting apps.

FamilyTime parental control app is a great choice for parenting apps. It works for Android and iOS devices and provides an interactive environment for supervising kids.

It doesn’t spy, it’s super easy and it doesn’t matter if you are at work or out of town, you can keep an eye on your kids anywhere, anytime. Check out the key features:

Monitoring Features

  • Call logs
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Web activity
  • Bookmarked items
  • Installed apps
  • Location

 Limiting Features

  • Screen time locks
  • App blocker
  • iTunes content filters
  • Speed limits

 Alerting Features

  •       Geofence places alerts
  •       SOS alerts
  •       Pick- up alerts
  •       Watchlist contacts
  •       Blocked apps

With the tech knowledge in your pocket and FamilyTime parental control app in your hand, you can smartly handle all the issues. It lets you catch unknown contacts, underage activity, sexting or any other risky act that can harm your child and resolve it. It also helps to keep the device time within control before it turns into a full-fledged addiction. If times can change so can the parenting methods. Kids live digital lives now, so, it is best for the parents to adopt digital parenting techniques as well.

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