Reliance Jio's new Jiofi Device With OLED Display Spotted

Reliance Jio's new Jiofi Device With OLED Display Spotted

Reliance Jio's new Jiofi Device With OLED Display Spotted, Priced at RS 1999

As Jio SIM is so popular these days because in Reliance stores it’s hard to find Jio SIMs send WiFi hotspot. Since the official launch of the Jio network was on September 5. But as it appears to have finally released on you Jiofi 4g device. In the meanwhile, jiofi 4g is first spotted on Twitter, images reported by a user called Raghavendra. Which is a larger form factor than the previous device and OLED Display? 

The new design of Jiofi 4g device is not the same as with the previous model house tiles, its design a square designed with rounded edges. The Jjiofi features and OLED display which are able to show information like WiFi connectivity sim card status battery status.

The battery backup is 2600 mAh which is compared which compared to the previous phone with 2300 mAh battery. The back side of the device is enabled with design in India. The device comes with two colours red and blue and what colour boxes carries the Jiofi logo on the side comma but still we do not know whether there is any difference in the device itself. It is mentioned in the box at the 2600 mAh battery of the device will give 5 hours of use on the full charge, as same with the previous model. Approximately and devices can be connected to the Jiofi at the same time. And even there is a Micro SD card slot which accepts the card up to 32 GB. 

The new Jiofi priced at rs 1999 and sold in selected cities. As its original prices rupees is 2999 but now retails at Rs 1999. The device is a user access to a limited 4g data until December 31st. And after that, they can decide to go with the Reliance cheap data plans. The USA can only buy Reliance Jio’s cement can access unlimited 4g data on their own smartphones. 

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